Friday, April 29, 2011

Using Other's Article On Your Blog or Writing Reference

Using Other's Article On Your Blog or Writing Reference

Sometime we just copy and pest other's article which might be license under someone else. Sometime we do it as the Internet is not stable and nobody can assure that the article URL will be there in future.

Mr. Shahriar Tariq, Volunteer, Bangladesh Linux Users Alliance ( check our forum: wrote some nice word regarding this topic.

Bellow is his writings: (Copy & Pest)

If you are using someone else article as a reference:

1) Check the license, most open source related articles are licensed under open license (such as Creative commons)

2) if the article is not licensed it won't hurt to politly ask the author whether you can use it. most author won't mind giving permission since they wrote it to let people know the content in the first place

3) be sure to give due credit to the original author. If you are not aware who is the author at least mention where you have collected the article

If you find that someone else is using your article without proper credit:

1) don't jump on and attack the person, keep your tone checked all the time, if you start heated argument its more probable other person is also gonna reply angrily

2) It may be the case that the person who is using your article without credit are actually not aware of licensing issue. Its not uncommon in Bangladesh, most people don't understand piracy then how come they will understand licensing issue? Make him/her understand licensing issue

3) if reminding them properly does not work then take it up to the concerned team, in case of forum talk to the moderators, in case of community website, the owner is the person you need to talk to, if its personal blog take it up to the hosting company (given they are reputed hosting company).

Simple solution is not it?

Thanking you
Shahriar Tariq

Founding Member, Amigos Clothing

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Freelance Job Training Institute Bangladesh SEO Freelance

Freelance job is a very attractive job for personals specially for those who don't want to be seated for day long on office chair and stand by for his / her boss's instruction. Or even the work is distributed among others in office with a deadline to finish.  

Think about a day, any special day, it might be a family occasion or say you promise your wife that you will go shopping with her just after office hour... But suddenly your boss came and told you to finish the paperwork by tonight as tomorrow he have to present the paper to a meeting. What will be your fillings? You might want to KILL your boss on spot or give up your service forever. But in real situation it's not possible. 

So what will be your solution? The grate word "Work From Home"! Now a days you will find a lot of website offering Work From Home option and telling you that you will get 4 to 5 figure amount in a month! Is it really true? What is the secrete of making money online?

Actually there is nothing! Yes Nothing! Unless you have a expert level on writing popular and useful article writing, You know how to attract people on your site. And most important issue is the keep the user coming back by writing good article which is fun and useful.

From one of comments on my blog site that someone is now providing training on how to earn money online. Hah, isn't funny? If they know how to make money online, whey they open training center in stet of earning money for their own!

See bellow the comments I found on my blog site:

The Only N One Freelance Job Training Institute in Bangladesh for SEO. Bangladesh Freelance Job Training Courses For Freelancers in Bangladesh Organized By Freelancer Trainer Md Sarwar E Kawsar[url=http : / / www. earnpointbd .net]earn online money from bangladesh[/url]. If you need [url=http : // www.earnpointbd. net ]google adwords training[/url]freelance work from home or if you are willing to do freelance Work exchange search no where. Get freelance works at freelance market place and do it[url=http://www. earnpointbd .net]google adsense training[/url] from your home. - By dola on BDJOBS.COM Hacked Reported by Google Inc  on 4/11/11 

Who will punished this criminal for their nasty work? We can only see, can't do anything. Awarness is the best to get ride of this type of false training center. 

In my next post I will try my best to describe how you can earn some pocket money from your own computer and Internet Connectivity. But don't be too aggressive, this is too hard and time consuming matter.

Ahamed Bauani
April 20, 2011 03:12 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ahamed Bauani: Back to Online - For a While

It's a long time, about 4 month I haven't write one word on my blog. In my last indecent I lost everything. From my pocket to my inspiration my hope all things are stolen.  I am in deep shit.

I don't know what happen to me or what will happen if this situation continue for few more days.

Can anyone imagine I was out of Internet more then about half a year? Sometime I think what I have done wrong which make me this type of statue?

I am in dark and nobody around me who can save me from sinking on black hole.

I have given everything of my own. I am now finished.

This is the beginning of THE END.

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