Thursday, December 30, 2010

URGENT: Contact Information Ahamed Bauani

Dear All

I am really sorry to inform you that I have lost my Notebook (Laptop),
Cellphone, All contact Number with other important papers.

Just now I have Collect My Old ROBI Number Only Which is:


As GP Network for their Customer Care os DOWN FOR FULL DAY, I CAN'T
RESTORE GP and Other numbers.

- Hide quoted text -

From my memory, I am sending this email to lots of peopleas I know.

Please never mind if you can't reach me over phone, I am passing very
hard time. Please send me yours number to my phone (SMS) with your
name so that I can build the network of communication again.


Regards & Besh Wishes

Noor Ahamed Bauani
HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (SMS Only, No Direct Call Please)
Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me a Chance to Grow up Again

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Me, Ahamed Bauani is Back on My Motherland Bangladesh After Successful Treatment on AU

Hello My Fellow Friends,

At last I am back on my Motherland, Bangladesh. Writing this Posting from Dhaka International Airport. Thanks to ALL, Specially Who Help Me on My Treatment in Various Way (Cash Lone, Donation, Preparing Papers for VISA, Prayed for Me, in a Word All Even The Hospital Staffs Who Look After Me Like Mother   ). My Aircraft Touch Down The Runway Just Few Minute Ago. I am Really Tired At This Moment, Can't Wait to Lay Down my Bed on Home, My Sweet Home. Hope to Write Details Tomorrow/Morning.

Sobai'ke Bejoy Dibosher Suveccha.

Ahamed Bauani
A Proud Citizen of Bangladesh

Friday, December 10, 2010

cPanel Exim Critical Security Update Very URGENT for cPanel Administrator

Hello Everyone, Specially The Administrator of cPanel, the Most popular and powerful web hosting software for  Servers with Linux Operating System has discovered a very serious security problem on it's MTA (Mail Transfer Agent)

A Linux Hosting Server with cPanel Software installed, which help administrator to create, delete, modify, bandwidth or disk allocation, reseller account, in a word all kind of work can done by it's web based GUI from any software. By Default This cPanel Software use Exim, a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) to receive or delivery email both incoming and outgoing server.

As Exim is an Open Source, Free Software and cPanel Developers Customize to fit on cPanel web interface without hampering it's main work, mail transfer system.

On Web Hosting Industries, cPanel is used by most of Hosting Provider, from very small to large organization like ThePlanet use this GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Recently cPanel Developer Team, who work to find and fix security related issue on software discover a very big problem on Exim MTA, which could give access to run any script as root, though he is a non-shell, hosting only user.

A privilege escalation vulnerability exists in Exim, the mail transfer agent used by cPanel & WHM.

Security Rating
This update has been rated as Critical by the cPanel Security team.

Research up to this point indicates the exploit is a buffer overflow vulnerability that takes advantage of the default Exim configuration settings related to altering Exim's runtime configuration file along with overriding the macro definitions in the configuration file. This buffer overflow may lead to arbitrary code execution with the privileges of the user executing the Exim daemon. However, the Exim user retains root privileges when running the -C and -D command line flags. Through the creation of a temporary exim configuration which is processed with the -C or -D flags, the Exim user is able to execute arbitrary commands as root.

To resolve and work around the issue, for Linux-based systems cPanel has issued new Exim RPMs. The new version of Exim locks configuration file locations to the /etc/exim prefix as well as disabling use of the -D flag. Server Owners are strongly urged to upgrade to the following Exim RPM versions:

       • Systems configured to use Maildir: Exim 4.69-25
       • Systems configured to use mbox (deprecated): Exim 4.63-4

Exim RPMs will be distributed through cPanel's package management system. All cPanel & WHM servers receiving updates automatically will receive the updated Exim RPM during normal update and maintenance operations (upcp).  If you prefer to install the update right now, please run the following in a root shell:


On cPanel & WHM FreeBSD servers, Exim is an unmanaged install performed from the Ports system. To apply a like setup on FreeBSD systems, server administrators will need to perform the following manual configuration:

       •  Remove WITHOUT_ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX=yes from /etc/make.conf
       •  Add the following to /var/db/ports/exim/options

SEDLIST+= -e 's,^(ALT_CONFIG_PREFIX=).*,\1/etc/exim,'
SEDLIST+= -e 's,^\# (DISABLE_D_OPTION=),\1,'

       • Change directory to /usr/ports/mail/exim
       • Execute 'make deinstall'
       • Execute 'make install'

Caution: the above changes have potential to be undone by /scripts/checkmakeconf, and updates to the Exim port. An upcoming version of cPanel & WHM 11.28 will resolve this for FreeBSD users.

cPanel's Public Relation Division has issued a WARNING messages to ALL administrator of cPanel user to fix the problem, which is describe bellow: 

If you need more deep information, please visit the link bellow:

I have already fix it on all server maintain by me. I am requesting you to do the fix as soon as possible. This is real thread to your server. If you don't fix this problem, any of your web hosting user can get root access on your Hosting Server.

So, before they know this security problem, fix it as soon as possible.

Posted by:

Noor Ahamed Bauani
IT Consultant from Bangladesh

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Migration to Underground Fiber Network in Bangladesh | Bangladesh ICT News

Fiber @ Home facilitating migration to underground network

By Shahidul K K Shuvra

Fiber @ Home has shown enough confident to drum up the government endeavour to de-clutter the cables hanging across the Dhaka City. The authority of the country changed several datelines of removing the cables; finally 31stDecember of this year rescheduled as an ultimate dateline to make at least main roads started from Uttara to Motijheel to take off the cables to make people hassles free from the hanging cables.

Moynul Haque Siddiqui, MD of Fiber @ Home, told in a recently called press conference that his company is making the ground to migrate ISP's cable to the underground network, which is hazard free and save money of the country for importing huge cables from abroad.

Along with other funny names Dhaka City is being called the city waved with cables just above the heads of people. It is not only hurdling for predestines but several times these got fire to jeopardize life of the residences of the city.

Developed countries always favour underground cable network than hanging wires over the heads, such tangled up cables look very ugly and make a city unsafe. Years back BTRC awarded licenses to two companies to bring down cables beneath our feet. Fiber @ Home is one of the companies that set up 1500 kilometre underground cables already and their service is ready in front of 20 million houses to connect city dwellers with fibre optic network.

MD of the company expressed his desire to reach at Upazila level within 3/5 years. However, he thinks success of the network depends on its maximum utilisation, and government and public cordial response to it is needed. Early and best exploration of the NTTN services will spread its benefits to the people as quickly as possible.

The company is also concern like VoIP some unscrupulous persons can start this networking without BTRC license. This underground network is a best option to monitor illegal cyber activities. It will be complicacy free that is why it was suggested that underground cable should be out of corruption involvement.

Fibre to Home project of the company includes transmitting voice, video and data; the 150 kilometre project started with triple play network technology. By the technological know-how multiple functions can be done. One cable is enough to log on internet, ring on phone and switch on TV.

The press conference projected the infrastructures developed by Fibre @ Home to the journalists by a Power Point Presentation, which was conducted by Brigadier General Md. Rafiqur Rahman, psc (retired).

Caption-1-Hanging hazardous cables.

Caption-2-Moynul Haque Siddiqui, MD of Fiber @ Home, telling cable free migration of ISP to the underground network.

Copyright Note: Copyright of above contents is it's respective owner(s)

Source: Migration to Underground Fiber Network in Bangladesh | Bangladesh ICT News:

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