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Directly Posting from APNIC IPv6 Routing Workshop Dhaka, Banglsh 24-26 November 2010

As I have post a IPv6 Routing Workshop on Dhaka, Bangladesh which can be found in bellow link:

APNIC IPv6 Routing Workshop Dhaka, Bangladesh 24-26 November 2010 - Announcement

At this moment the IPv6 Workshop is running. Mr. Roman from APNIC is now telling about the BASIC things of IPv6. I can share of a picture with you at this moment. More update will post here time to time:

Stage of Workshop

Mr. Roman from APNIC on Whiteboard

I am really sorry that I couldn't (Actually the ISPAB) couldn't setup any streaming or remote participation of this workshop.

Mr. Roman Running from First End to Last End to Make The Percipient to Understand The Advance Options of IPv6

A part of Percipient

 IPv6 ? Really Tired off, Let's Go For a Tea(!) Break 

I Think I also need to go for a Tea Break!

Day one is done. You can find the PDF file on This Link

Surprised!!, Sumon Bhai With His Future 

Sumon Bhai is on Workshop with His Future

So, My Mom, You Have to be Sumon The Junior, Right?


Dear Fellows,

I am rally sorry that I couldn't update the presentation (Workshop Material's in Soft Copy for 2nd and 3rd Days) due to very busy and tight schedule. I will update you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understandings

Few of My Picture Wearing Hurricane Electric's IPv6 Certification SEGA Level (Top Level) T-Shart:

I am Now SEGA (Highest Level) of Hurricane Electric's IPv6  Certification Program

 Backside of He.Net T-Shart Contain All Information of IPv6 Basics, It's a Book!

Yes, Everything is Now 6 (Six)

My Fellow Member of IPv6 Program, All Picture's Credit Goes to Him! 
Thank You Rubel

Another Fellow Member, The Future of IPv6 Deployment. 
These Young IT Professorial(s) are the key of IPv6 Network's Heart
  Hadiuzzaman Rubel, You are looking Nice, Really, I mean it.

 Smoking is Not Good For Health, Bauani, Sure, You Will Die Soon!
Come on Man, That is Stage and You are not listed Trainer of This IPv6 Workshop
What Ever You Know about IPv6, Next Time Buddy...

UPDATE: I am really sorry to inform you that I lost the Workshop Material's of Day 2 and Day 3. I have already contacted the training team of APNIC. And Thy assure me to send the copy of it. As soon I receive the materials, I will upload it to here. During this time, if anyone has a copy of Day2 & 3, please write on comment section, I will arrange to take the material's from you in any means.  

Posting by:

Noor Ahamed Bauani
Need an IPv6 Connectivity? Just Knock us!
HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (SMS Only, No Direct Call Please)
Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me a Chance to Grow up Again

Friday, November 19, 2010

Confidence is Good but Over Confidence will Send You Hospital

Dear Fellow Friends

Today I want to share my own experience of act of 'Over Confidence' and The Result.

Just few days before of Eid-al-Adha on 13th November, 2010 I was in road.

Everyone, who is my very nearest personals (Who Know Me From My Childhood)  knows that I am near expert of Tackle or Manage any Bull, which might be unknown to me.

They day I said before, I went a shop near my home to buy something for me. There I found a Big Bull, about tons of wight (Which bought for Eid-al-Adha) was out of control who purchased it from temporary market (We Call this Type of Temporary Market as 'Hut') and taking it to home. On the way it goes out of control and it was so wild that he was destroying almost everything in front of him. As my normal behaver, I run to bull and try to start make the bull under control.

It took about 30 min for me to make this bull as friend. At that moment, he was very nice and friendly with me. To give him more confidence that he safe, I expend approximately 15 more minute with playing with him. After that I handover my new friends to it's new owner. It was too emotional time, I could understand he wants me to go with him. But all knows it's no possible. 

After handover the bull to it's owner I done my job in shop and start to back my home. At near of my home's door, I found another bull, this was smaller then which I managed just few minutes back. It was also behaving more less like the previous Big Bull. On that time I was too much Confident that to manage this small bull is a child play to me.

I start going near the bull, but my 6th sense was telling something is wrong. As I am going near, start talking with the bull on soft voice, the bull was going wild more and more. I was really surprised to see this behavior of this bull but my over confidence make everything out of my mind. With soft voice I go near the bull's body and found it attacked me furiously. I couldn't move myself on that much speed, actually I was not at that mode that the bull will directly attack me. I felt on road. Everything become Black.

When I wakeup, I found myself on hospital's ICU room. Nobody around me and I could feel the pain in lower belly. I was some kind of surprised to see myself there. After some time I could remember what happen. As nobody is around me, I could think myself alone and start thinking why the bull react on that way.

After few minute, I found what was wrong. As I spend a lot of time with the bigger Bull, all my body and dress was smalling with previous bull and the bull which hit me took me as another Bull and competitor of him and directly attack on that way.

Result? 2 Days of Hospital Bed and It all was happen for My Over Confidence, not Only Confidence.

To my Fellow Friends: 
Be Confident what You are Doing but Not be Over Confident, Over Confidence will make your brain frozen.

Written by
Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant

Need an IPv6 Connectivity in Bangladesh? Just Knock me!
HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (SMS Only, No Direct Call Please)
Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me a Chance to Grow up Again

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What is the Future of Bangladesh in Politics and in Our Lifestyle?

When we have started counting days for the happy occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, we have now on hand the most unwanted and really unhappy turn-around in politics.

Well, we may have to ponder and wonder as to how many happy turns-around have happened in our politics over the last four decades. To be objective, our politics has had a mix of both types of turns-around; but to be candid, the unhappy ones dominate over the happy ones.

This time the unhappy turn-around originates  out of the court order for the opposition leader Khaleda Zia to vacate her cantonment house; and done so either on her own or under duress. We disown any competence to dilate on or delve into the depth of the legal aspects surrounding this happening.

We are solely concerned with the alarming and shocking fall-out of what should have been a high profile legal battle between the establishment and opposition.

The fall-out we are concerned with is, however, not new and by now we have had enough of that.

The political fight between the goverment and opposition is always fought out like the one between two adversaries. But the point missed out by our leaders is the politics is not a fight, it is a game played on clearly spelt-out rules.

The hartal declared by the opposition by way of its knee-jerk reaction to the cantonment house related happening brings to the fore the intermetrics between our politics and economics. As reported in the media, about a million home goers are affected by this wild can hartal.

Moreover, what about the loss to be incurred by the business groups as Eid shoppers are faced with closed shutters of their shopping places? Again, what happens to the public caught in such political fracas? We humbly say that if politics is for securing public interest and ensuring public welfare public should not be held hostage to confrontational politics.

We know politics is an art of compromise - compromise for the greater interest of the Country and the people. We also know that there are ample avenues, even in politics, to sort out problems and solve crises in ways short of confrontation in an independent country like our Bangladesh. This is civilized and democratic.

The daily sun appeals to our leaders to let the people celebrate Eid-ul-Azha as they would like. Let there be an environment ensured for such a celebration. Can the politics of confrontation be on hold until the Eid Celebration is over; and also for an indefinite future?

Article by: Prof. Dr. Syed Anwar Husain
Collected & Posted by : Ahamed Bauani for non commercial use only.

Friday, November 12, 2010

APNIC IPv6 Routing Workshop Dhaka, Bangladesh 24-26 November 2010 - Announcement

Dear Fellow(s)

As you all know that I am Working to Established / Deploy IPv6 Network in Bangladesh along with support from deferent personals and organization. Here is a good news for us. APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Center) is going to conduct a 3 days long Training Course, Exclusive for IPv6 Routing. Bellow is details of This event: 

Course Title: IPv6 Routing Workshop (3 days)
Dates: 24 - 26 November 2010
Venue: Best Western La Vinchi Hotel
54, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Contact: Mr. Bijoy Kumar Paul (ISPAB)
HP: +880-1712-588064

Workshop Fees: 

APNIC Members Registration: BDT 6000.00 AUD 70
Standard (Non Member Registration): BDT 8000.00 AUD 90

Payment Method: You can Pay Onsite (Cash Only)  or  Online (Credit Card)

Special Notes:

- Training courses run from 0900hrs to 1700hrs
- Lunch and refreshments will be provided
- Online credit card payments include a 20% discount
- Training certificate provided upon successful completion of the course.
- Seats are limited and registration is on "first come first served" basis.
- Participants are advised to bring their own laptop computers (for IPv6 hands-on lab exercises)

IPv6 Routing Workshop Registration Details: 

For registration and course information on IPv6, please visit APNIC Hosted Website:

If you still need more advance information, please contact with Mr. Champika Wijayatunga, Training Manager of APNIC. Details of his contact information is given bellow:

Champika Wijayatunga
Training Manager
APNIC Training
training AT apnic DOT net
Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC)
Tel: +61-7-3858-3100
Fax: +61-7-3858-3199
PO Box 2131
Milton, QLD 4064

Other then that, I am here to give you every level of support. If you are not member of APNIC but willing to join this 3 Days IPv6 Routing Workshop, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh Network Information & Support Center is here to Help You out.

I am requesting you my fellow brother / sister to join this event and support us to deploy native IPv6 in Bangladesh.

With Best Regards

Noor Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant
Expert on Customize and Complex Internet Connectivity
Both on IPv6 & IPv4

Need an IPv6 Connectivity? Just Knock me!
HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (SMS Only, No Direct Call Please)
Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me a Chance to Grow up Again

Note: Content Above has been Taken from announcement of APNIC Member Mailing List. Different Trademark & Copyright Credit Goes to Their Respective Owners. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

GP GrameenPhone Internet Service is Bullshit

One of Bangladesh's GSM Operator GrameenPhone is giving Internet Service to it's customer. Though I am an ISP guy, I has to use other operators connectivity time to time. At this moment I am out of my office and need to access there via ssh. Result, switch to other operator to do my work. See their Internal Network. Somebody Expert on IP Routing on GSM Network please tell me what kind of network is this from the traceroute report bellow. Yes, it is GP's Network:

C:\Users\Admin>tracert -d

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  2     *        *      765 ms
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  4     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  7     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 10     *      559 ms   640 ms
 11   407 ms   495 ms   220 ms
 12     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 13     *        *     ^C
C:\Users\Admin>tracert -d

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1   185 ms   256 ms   298 ms
  2   355 ms   298 ms   238 ms
  3   307 ms   256 ms   321 ms
  4   395 ms   238 ms   293 ms
  5   267 ms   256 ms   316 ms
  6   633 ms   477 ms   302 ms
  7   357 ms   317 ms   340 ms
  8   418 ms   340 ms   340 ms
  9   298 ms   996 ms   459 ms
 10  2200 ms   292 ms   340 ms
 11   260 ms   318 ms   332 ms
 12   407 ms   340 ms   321 ms
 13   396 ms   454 ms   381 ms
 14   456 ms   496 ms   478 ms
 15   449 ms   520 ms   496 ms
 16   313 ms   298 ms   299 ms
 17   556 ms   497 ms   497 ms

Trace complete.

C:\Users\Admin>tracert -d

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  2     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  3     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  4     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  5     *     1826 ms   655 ms
  6   354 ms     *        *
  7     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  8     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  9   806 ms   597 ms   378 ms
 10   813 ms   238 ms     *
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12     *        *      341 ms
 13   334 ms   459 ms   459 ms
 14   475 ms   455 ms   501 ms
 15   456 ms   478 ms   478 ms
 16   431 ms   478 ms   478 ms
 17   433 ms   478 ms   478 ms
 18   431 ms     *        *
 19     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 20     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 21     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 22     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 23     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 24     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 25     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 26     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 27     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 28     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 29     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 30     *        *        *     Request timed out.

Trace complete.

C:\Users\Admin>tracert -d

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1     *        *      902 ms
  2   181 ms   357 ms   359 ms
  3   253 ms   359 ms   438 ms
  4   312 ms   358 ms     *
  5     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  6     *        *        *     Request timed out.
  7     *     1263 ms   420 ms
  8   438 ms   784 ms   455 ms
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 10     *        *     2442 ms
 11   355 ms     *     1723 ms
 12   355 ms  3038 ms     *
 13     *     1878 ms   381 ms
 14   374 ms   340 ms   339 ms
 15     *        *     2360 ms
 16     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 17     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 18     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 19     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 20     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 21     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 22     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 23     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 24     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 25     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 26     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 27     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 28     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 29     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 30     *        *        *     Request timed out.

Trace complete.

'traceroute' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\Admin>tracert -d

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  3     *       12 ms     6 ms
  4     7 ms     6 ms     7 ms
  5   166 ms   146 ms   148 ms
  6     *      215 ms   213 ms
  7   305 ms     *        *
  8   313 ms   328 ms   324 ms
  9   318 ms   312 ms   311 ms
 10   322 ms   324 ms   324 ms
 11   541 ms     *      346 ms
 12   222 ms   216 ms   220 ms
 13   225 ms   226 ms   218 ms
 14   247 ms   213 ms   220 ms

Trace complete.


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []
  3     6 ms     6 ms     8 ms
  4     8 ms     5 ms     7 ms
  5   147 ms   147 ms   146 ms [
  6   296 ms   296 ms   296 ms [213.144.
  7   294 ms   294 ms   295 ms [114.130
  8   296 ms   295 ms   295 ms []
  9     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 10     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12  ^C

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms []
  3     5 ms     6 ms     8 ms
  4     7 ms     6 ms     6 ms
  5   147 ms   147 ms   147 ms [
  6   308 ms   302 ms   302 ms [213.144.
  7   295 ms   295 ms   296 ms [114.130
  8   295 ms   295 ms   296 ms []
  9     *     ^C
Unable to resolve target system name


Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1   598 ms   598 ms   437 ms
  2   802 ms   521 ms   598 ms
  3     *      880 ms   543 ms
  4  1030 ms   418 ms   442 ms
  5   802 ms   437 ms   337 ms
  6   879 ms   538 ms   461 ms
  7   875 ms   436 ms   581 ms
  8  1040 ms   754 ms   520 ms
  9   757 ms   436 ms   581 ms
 10  1198 ms   395 ms   464 ms
 11   796 ms   422 ms   455 ms
 12   618 ms   699 ms   478 ms
 13   695 ms   455 ms   358 ms
 14   573 ms   538 ms   478 ms []
 15   280 ms   362 ms   354 ms []
 16     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 17     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 18  ^C

Nothing to say, nothing to do, just pay money from your own pocket. Nine Internal Hope to Reach Real Internet!!

Noor Ahamed Bauani
Citizen of Digital Bangladesh

Update Added: 
A Traceroute report from a host connected via EDGE to Level3 Public DNS (

C:\>tracert -d

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

  1   913 ms   520 ms   598 ms
  2   302 ms   355 ms   354 ms
  3   311 ms   358 ms   358 ms
  4   326 ms   358 ms   358 ms
  5   318 ms   358 ms   358 ms
  6   322 ms   358 ms   376 ms
  7   315 ms   358 ms   358 ms
  8   315 ms   358 ms   358 ms
  9   304 ms   358 ms   358 ms
 10   309 ms   358 ms   358 ms
 11   317 ms   358 ms   358 ms
 12   323 ms   358 ms   358 ms
 13   416 ms   276 ms   417 ms
 14   374 ms   359 ms   357 ms
 15   899 ms   621 ms   617 ms
 16   390 ms   538 ms   478 ms
 17   670 ms   478 ms     *
 18   715 ms     *     1079 ms
 19   836 ms  1118 ms   838 ms
 20   675 ms     *      985 ms
 21   812 ms   718 ms   598 ms
 22  1097 ms   718 ms   718 ms
 23   668 ms   598 ms   598 ms

Trace complete.


10 Hope with Private IP address! As per APNIC whois database they got allocation of 16 Class C Block, mean with /20 IP address, they are using only 64 to 128 IP address on Internet Service, Where they using other IP address? VoIP?

Google's Logo on 115th Anniversary of The Discovery of X-Rays

X-ray is a technology which allowed us to see inside the human body. This X-rays were first observed and documented in 1895. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a German scientist who found this X-rays technology quite by accident. Before 1895, Mr. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was experimenting with 'vacuum tubes' when we found this break through technology. 

Weeks latter,  Mr. Wilhelm took an photograph of his wife's hand which clearly revealed her wedding ring and her bones. The first released X-ray Photograph can found by clicking here . The photograph electrified the general public and aroused great scientific interest in the new form of radiation. Roentgen called it "X" to indicate it was an unknown type of radiation. 

First X-ray Photograph, Photo Credit NASA

This days, from security inspection or medical / clinical use of X-Ray, we even use satellites with X-ray detectors on them to do X-ray astronomy. Life without X-Ray is now become impossible to survival . 

Anyway, I am not here to give you details of X-ray and how it's work. I just wanted to post some word regarding Google's Work on 115th Anniversary of the Discovery of X-rays. They put a funny logo for this 115th anniversary of Discovery of X-Rays by replacing their default logo with an special logo, which you can see bellow:

Calibration of 115th Anniversary of X-Ray by Google Inc
Replacing their default Logo on Main Website.

After 115 years we still remember the German scientist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen for this revolutionary findings which change the world. Yes, the world change by few things, first is the use of Fire and one of others is X-Ray. 

To know more details about it, you can visit X-Ray Page, Suggested by Google's "I am feeling Lucky" Feature. 

Posted by: 

Noor Ahamed Bauani
IT Consultant
Expert on IPv4 & IPv6 Internet Routing 

Copyright Notice: All word, quote & Sentence is Trademark to it's Respected Owners. Using those here on this article is non commercial use only. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Moneybooker Account: A Good, Reliable and Sometime Costly Way to Get Paid Online for Bangladeshi Freelancers

Now a days, a lot of talented individual start work as a freelancer on different area. And as per Bangladesh Bank source, a lot of Individuals working online and getting paid either in USD or Euro via there online Account like Moneybooker, Paypal etc which making Significant Amount of change on Foreign Currency Earn by Bangladeshi Nationals. Source also added due to some old rules & regulation, these talented, mostly young personals do not bringing the money inside Bangladesh & Expending it to buy useless things.

For this reason Bangladesh Bank is creating new rules and regulations for whom who work outside Bangladesh by staying inside Bangladesh. We can hope very soon Bangladesh Bank will permit Online Service like Moneybooker, Paypal etc.

Here I want to share a success story of a person, who is an software engineer mainly working in Bangladesh, but in idle time he is working as a freelancer and earning money which he could brought in Bangladesh successfully.

Mr. Zahid (Xahid), an software developer (coder) successfully finished his first Freelance Job and the payment for the job has deposit in his Moneybooker Account.

MoneyBooker isn't a new term among the Bangladeshi freelancer. Many of us withdrawing our freelanced money through moneybooker. Recently Mr. Zahid have withdrawn a little amount through it. This post is about some of the pros and cons of moneybooker transaction in Bangladesh.

Well it is a known issue, at present many of us (Freelanc worker) have faced problem of Moneybooker's over charged fees. Mr. Zahid talked with many of his fellow freelancer and became to know that they have faced the same issue earlier. He found there are freelancer who has charged by the Moneybookers USD$20 and when they query to Moneybookers, they get to know that Moneybookers has converted their USD currency to Euro, which make Moneybookers to cut USD$20 for the conversion charge. This problem is faced by the freelancer who used DBBL (Dutch Bangla Bank) for their Moneybookers transaction.

Now the question arises why Moneybookers converted from USD to Euro? Fact is some local bank doesn't accept USD from Moneybooker, so they convert the money to Euro and send it to the local bank which is totally wrong. Why DBBL do not accept USD from Moneybookers? They accept USD from different provider but not Moneybookers. What a Country. Look Like Every Bank has their own rules. Where Bangladesh Bank, the Central Bank of Bangladesh is present!. In this convertion process we loose the conversion fee+fee for the transaction! Duble Charge!

After knowing all these issue Mr. Zahid decided not to send USD in his Moneybooker account to DBBL. Only for these reason he opened a new Bank account in Uttara Bank Limited and transfer 49.49 usd from Moneybooker. Result? He received 3244 BDT, mean after deducting all charge he got 1USD:65.5BDT.

Earning this experiance of moneybooker he already transferred 100 USD more to the same bank and he is waiting for what will be the conversion he get.

From my own experiance, I will suggest to send (Actually Transfer) money in large unite. In every tranjaction Bangladesh Bank Charge USD$10 & USD$10 charge by your sarving bank. So If someone send you USD$25 to your account, you will only get USD$5; in other hand if someone send you USD$100, you will receive USD$80. So be aware of it.

Posted By:

Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Advisor
Expert on Internet Routing both on IPv4 & IPv6

Copyright Notice: The main article was taken from Mr. Zahid's own Blog, which he called as Xahid's Blog. You can Found the Original Posting by Clicking Here

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facebook Suspends App Developers Who Sold User Information

Hello all

Just few days ago, I linked an article of selling facebook like social networking sites business to sell public's data to 3rd party.

It seems Facebook has alerted and took action:

Facebook has revealed that a data broker has been buying identifying Facebook user information from app developers, and as a result the social-networking powerhouse has placed some developers on a six-month suspension. -ZDNet Blog

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