Sunday, October 31, 2010

SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber Repeater Problem Effect Internet Service of BTCL

From an unauthenticated Source, I got information that the Submarine Cable SEA-ME-WE-4 cable which is only Submarine cable connect Bangladesh to Worldwide Network of Internet Having Problem caused BTCL to route all of their traffic via only one peer which is Seabone in Italy.

Source also added that malfunction of SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber Repeater Near a place something called like 'Marakka' or Country name 'Morokko' fource BTCL to force ALL Internet Traffic via their other gateway peer which is Seabone Italy. BTCL even can't connect to TATA Communication, the default and main Gateway of them.

As my source is low in education, so there might a possibility of location of problem he told me over phone.

Let me check more deeply so that I can be sure about the problem and update you soon.

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By the way, the other IIGW called Mango Teleservice (MangoTEL) is having no problem. At this moment I am writing via an ISP connected through MangoTEL.

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1. An high official of BTCL who don't want to discloser his name has confirm the malfunction of SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber Repeater, which is making BTCL in pressure of traffic. He also request to all ISP to limit their bandwidth and block unnecessary service or low priority like P2P applications, browsing of porn other game website etc.

2. See bellow the 'traceroute' from both BTCL and Mango. By the way, as I am on GSM Network, ignore the time to reach the next destination and for privacy, first few path has been removed. Please have a look, by the way both target traceroute is same, the IP of Google's Public DNS server (

A. Trace from BTCL Network:

# (  2.791 ms  6.709 ms  7.212 ms 149.038 ms  148.469 ms (  149.745 ms
# (  182.717 ms  187.404 ms  186.616 ms
# (  183.052 ms  182.623 ms  182.319 ms
# (  183.091 ms  190.724 ms (  199.077 ms
# (  198.907 ms  198.664 ms  198.311 ms
# (  185.146 ms  186.016 ms (   200.709 ms
# * (  195.788 ms *
# (  183.568 ms  182.818 ms  182.707 ms

B. Now Check Mango on same destination (Sorry I had to use Windows tracert command: 
 #   607 ms   497 ms   359 ms
 #   434 ms   460 ms   358 ms
 #   793 ms   598 ms   478 ms
 #   631 ms   621 ms   598 ms []
 #   474 ms   599 ms   496 ms []
 #   492 ms   496 ms   502 ms
 #  1333 ms   543 ms   698 ms
 #  1266 ms   705 ms   598 ms
 #   950 ms   700 ms   598 ms
 #   968 ms   663 ms   598 ms
 #   554 ms   460 ms   520 ms
 #  1074 ms   718 ms   742 ms []

Trace complete.

Update will be posted continuing till the problem is resolved. 

By Ahamed Bauani on 18:06 BDT [GMT + 06]  

3. I have talked with several tech & non tech personal, specially to find out the what is happening there. Few Senior officer confirmed me that they are working hard to restore normal peering with partners but it might take time till the Repeater replaced or repaired.  During this time they request Seabone to increase the capacity so that the impact on end user become low. He also said Seabone has already increased the capacity and working to give more capacity. The person who informed is an senior level official of BTCL and I can relay on him.

By Ahamed Bauani on 20:06 BDT [GMT + 06]

4. It seems that BTCL has successfully take care of the incident. Though the fiber problem still in place, BTCL manage to give all most 80+% of service to it's user. This is really nice. At last BTCL is active.

ALL Thanks & Credits goes to BTCL's Top to Low Level Engineers. We are (We the ISPs are) very happy to see this type of prompt service from BTCL. And hope BTCL will continue this type of support in future.

By Ahamed Bauani on 13:28 BDT [GMT + 06]

5. LAST UPDATE: Today, 7th November, 2010 from Aprox 02:00 to 03:25 Hour BDT [GMT + 06] BTTB Internet was DOWN. I have confirmed it from different source and every source expect BTCL has confirm the downtime. It seems that BTCL has properly restore it's full capacity during the downtime. But BTCL should issue some kind of Preses Release or Possible Maintainability Schedule before starting the job. So user like us can get prepared to take care of customer support issue.

Anyway, I hope this is the end of This issue, if anything arise again, I will start thread. Thanks to all for your support.  


Ahamed Bauani
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Security Status of Bangladeshi Organization Website Including BRACKBANK.COM, SOFTEXPO.COM, ABCREAL.COM.BD and Lots More are In Serious Danger!!

I just found a nice website / blog related to security of Internet or Intranet even a standalone PC in a home.

When a hacker is determined to break a website, the first thing he does is go for gathering information about the target site as much as possible. Usually the information gathering phase is done in three steps. - by Mr. Monirul Islam

To continue reading or find out more, please visit the link bellow:

Basic Security Testing – Many sites including,, are in danger...

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Noor Ahamed Bauani
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Monday, October 25, 2010

BDJOBS.COM Hacked Reported by Google Inc

It has bee reported that the site BDJOBS.COM the first and Largest Job Site in Bangladesh has been hacked.

Hacker successfully inserted Malicious Code on BDJOBS.COM website which is  functioning as intermediaries for distributing malware to visitors of this site. If you want to visit the site, specially Google Chrome, you will find an warning messages as bellow:

Google Showing Warning Messages for Bdjobs.Com Visitors

According to Google Website Diagnostics Report, Other 2 Domain, which is operated by same company is also affected with same kind of malware distributing to visitors of this site.

Of the 141 pages we tested on the site over the past 90 days, 30 page(s) resulted in malicious software being downloaded and installed without user consent. The last time Google visited this site was on 2010-10-24, and the last time suspicious content was found on this site was on 2010-10-23.

Malicious software includes 27 exploit(s). Successful infection resulted in an average of 1 new process(es) on the target machine. - Google Website Diagonistics Report for BDJOBS.COM

Just few days ago, DeshTV ( ) was face same kind of attack. But with the help of me and their IT team, it has been clean & removed from Google's suspicious content website list.

I have report the hacking issue to BdJobs authority via various way, like telephone, email & fax but still didn't get any reply. To innocent job-seeker or employer to post new job opportunity please see Google's Diagnostics Report for BdJobs or you will be effected with some kind of virus / trojan which will open a backdoor on your PC to take control of your own PC by unknown person.

If I get any update, I will post here. Please don't forget to live your comments bellow, which will inspire me to write this type of news in future.

Thanks for your time

Noor Ahamed Bauani
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I am in Google!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Remaining IPv4 Address Space Drops Below 5%

Summary:  IPv6 adoption at critical phase. Record number of IPv6 addresses distributed

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) announced on 18 October 2010, at Amsterdam that less than five percent of the world’s IPv4 addresses remain unallocated. APNIC, the Regional Internet Registry for
the Asia Pacific region, has been assigned two blocks of IPv4 addresses by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). This latest allocation means that the IPv4 free pool dipped below 10% in January,
just nine months ago. Since then, over 200 million IPv4 addresses have been allocated from IANA to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

"This is a major milestone in the life of the Internet, and means that allocation of the last blocks of IPv4 to the RIRs is imminent," states Axel Pawlik, - Chairman of the Number Resource Organization (NRO)
the official representative of the five RIRs. He also added "It is critical that all Internet stakeholders take definitive action now to ensure the timely adoption of IPv6."

IPv6 is the "next generation" of the Internet Protocol, providing a hugely expanded address space, which will allow the Internet to grow into the future. In 2010, the five RIRs are expected to allocate over 2,000 IPv6 address blocks, representing an increase of over 70% on the number of IPv6 allocations in 2009. In contrast, the number of IPv4 allocations is expected to grow by only 8% in 2010. These statistics indicate an absence of any last minute "rush" on IPv4 addresses, and a strong momentum behind the adoption of IPv6.

"The allocation of Internet number resources by the five RIRs enables every region in the world to benefit from fair and equitable distribution of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. We are also actively collaborating with stakeholders at the local, regional, and global level to offer training and advice to public and private sector
organizations on IPv6 adoption to ensure that everyone is prepared for IPv4 depletion and IPv6 deployment," added Pawlik.

The IANA assigns IPv4 addresses to the RIRs in blocks that equate to 1/256th of the entire IPv4 address space (each block is referred to as a "/8" or "slash-8"). The most recent assignment means that there are now only 12 of these blocks available, which is less than five percent of the entire IPv4 address pool.

The final five blocks of IPv4 addresses will be distributed simultaneously to the five RIRs, leaving only seven blocks to be handed out under the normal distribution method.

According to current depletion rates, the last five IPv4 address blocks will be allocated to the RIRs in early 2011. The pressure to adopt IPv6 is mounting. Many worry that without adequate preparation and action,
there will be a chaotic scramble for IPv6, which could increase Internet costs and threaten the stability and security of the global network.

Notes to Editors

About the Number Resource Organization (NRO):

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) is the coordinating mechanism for the five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). The RIRs - AfriNICAPNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, and the RIPE NCC - ensure the fair and equitable distribution of Internet number resources (IPv6 and IPv4 addresses and Autonomous System (AS) numbers) in their respective regions. The NRO exists to protect the unallocated Internet number resource pool, foster open and consensus-based policy development, and provide a single point of contact for communication with the RIRs. Learn more about the NRO at

About the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs):

The five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) that make up the NRO are independent, not-for-profit membership organizations that support the infrastructure of the Internet through technical coordination. The
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) allocates blocks of IP addresses and ASNs, known collectively as Internet number resources, to the RIRs, who then distribute them to users within their own specific service regions. Organizations that receive resources directly from RIRs include Internet Service Providers (ISPs), telecommunications organizations, large corporations, governments, academic institutions,
and industry stakeholders, including end users.

The RIR model of open, transparent participation has proven successful at responding to the rapidly changing Internet environment. Each RIR holds one or two open meetings per year, as well as facilitating online
discussion by the community, to allow the open exchange of ideas from the technical community, the business sector, civil society, and government regulators.

The five RIRs are:

• AfriNIC, - Africa
• APNIC, - Asia Pacific
• ARIN, - Canada, many Caribbean and North Atlantic islands, and the United States
• LACNIC, - Latin America and the Caribbean
• RIPE NCC, - Europe, Middle East, and Parts of Central Asia


Number Resource Organization :

Lucie Smith
Tel: 0208 752 3200

Marissa Ramey
Tel: 1 202 349 3788

Are you ready for IPv6 Network? Still not? Hurry, become IPv6 enable ISP before it is too late.

Information above is taken from APNIC Member Mailing List. Copyright & Content Ownership Goes to it's respective Owners. 

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

CEO of Microsoft and CEO of Adobe Meet Recently - A Sign of Microsoft buying Adobe?

The New York Times reports a recent meeting between CEO of both Microsoft and Adobe. 

“Another person with knowledge of past talks between the two companies explained that Microsoft has courted Adobe several years ago with possible acquisition discussions. But the deal never moved past informal talks as Microsoft feared that United States Department of Justice would likely block the deal on antitrust grounds.” - The New York Times

Zdnet has cover the story and post a blog written by Mary Jo Foley. As per this blog this recent two CEO meeting as on their agenda: Apple.

I get that. That two of the vendors who’ve had problems getting their interactive media technologies approved for use on the iPad and the iPhone are chatting seems possible, if not probable. A Flash-on-Windows Phone 7 discussion? I could see it. Possible complaints to legal authorities launched in tandem? Sure, another plausible coffee-klatch topic….
But now I’m seeing folks leap to the conclusion that Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer met with Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen to talk about Microsoft buying Adobe (based on a passing mention that such an idea was on the Ballmer-Narayen “let’s team to beat Apple” agenda. -- Zdnet Blog
Continue Reading ....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Application Round Opens for San Francisco Fellowships by ICANN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ICANN is launching the 12th round of applications for the Fellowship program, to facilitate participation in ICANN's 40th International Public Meeting to be held San Francisco, California on 13-18 March 2011.

Over the last 10 meetings, the Fellowship program has proven to be a successful method of capacity building for the ICANN community, making sure global voices are heard in the wide variety of public forums that it holds. As CEO Rod Beckstrom said when addressing the Russian Internet Governance Forum in Moscow last May, "The Internet is a work in progress. It feeds and grows off ideas, and new ideas greatly affect its direction. Its most influential contributors are those who can see the possibilities that others don't. And the most powerful are those whose ideas trigger the imagination of others." We see the Fellowship program playing a major role in bringing those great ideas and idea makers into the Internet community.

Per the program charter, applicants must be citizens of economically eligible countries (ICANN uses the World Bank classification) and priority in selection is given to applicants who are current residents of the region that a ICANN meeting is being held in, as well as those who are active or interested in participating in ICANN and its supporting organizations and advisory committees. In this case, as the United States is not an economically eligible country, applicants from all other ICANN regions will be equally weighted (as long as applicant meets program minimum requirements). The Fellowship program will assist in covering airfare, hotel and a stipend. Recipients will be expected to actively participate in and contribute to ICANN processes, in and after the ICANN meeting. As always, registration for an ICANN meeting is free for anyone wanting to attend.

Applications for the meeting in San Francisco will be accepted from now until 1200 PDT (UTC -7) on 12 November 2010. More information, as well as a link to the application for a fellowship, is available online at: if you encounter any problem.

Robin Gross, Executive Director
1192 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 USA
Call : +1-415-553-6261 f: +1-415-462-6451

Content above is taken from announcement via Email. Copyright & Credit belongs to Email Sender.

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Noor Ahamed Bauani
Freelance ICT Consultant
Expert on Customize & Complex Internet Connectivity
Both on IPv4 and IPv6

Short Summary of ISOC Chapter Rejuvenation Meeting in Bangladesh

This is a short report of events at yesterday's Chapter rejuvenation meeting in Bangladesh.

Thanks to Sumon Ahmed Sabir and his team, we were able to hold the meeting in the nearby Washington Hotel.

The number of people that attended the meeting was 45. This is a very good turnout for a first meeting. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend. We were very happy to see such a strong interest in rejuvenating the Chapter.

The meeting opened with two presentations:  "An introduction to the Internet Society" by Rajnesh Singh, Head, Regional Bureau for Asia, followed by a presentation from Anne Lord, Senior Manager for Chapters and Individual Members on "Internet Society Chapters".   Both the presentations will soon be made available on the Internet Society website at:

After the presentations the floor was opened to discussion. The first topic for discussion was the potential scope and naming of the Chapter. Many different opinions were expressed, some in favour of a Bangladesh Chapter, others in favour of city based Chapters, allowing more focus of work at the local level. The conclusion at the end of the discussion was to create the Bangladesh, Dhaka Chapter of the Internet Society.

Below is a summary of the key points of the discussion.

1. Involve multiple stakeholders not just those working in the ICT area.
2. Involve students (tertiary) who can build critical mass
3. Engage user groups (Academia)
4. Support for city/district based Chapter
5. Leadership/bylaws/structure need to be developed
6. Programme areas suggested: Internet Governance, Technical, Users, Youth.
7. Start with one Chapter and see how we go
8. Key issues: this should be a grassroots activity, and decentralisation allows for greater dispersion.

At the end of the meeting, it was suggested to form a working group in order to develop a workplan for the Chapter. Around 28 people volunteered for this task. Russell John kindly volunteered to create a mailing list for the working group.  If you are interested to join to actively participate in the group, then please send email to Russell at <>. The group agreed to work to the following timeline:

Oct 6th - first meeting
Oct 7th-31st - working group discussions
Nov 1st-15th - draft workplan for the Chapter
Nov 18-28 - send draft workplan to the Membership for comments/feedback
Nov 30 - Finalise the workplan.

A group photo was also taken and this will be archived on the ISOC website at:

Image Credit & Copyright: Internet Society (ISOC)

A follow on physical meeting will be organised by Russell for the working group to begin discussing the draft workplan.  Myself and Rajnesh can also participate in follow on meetings (depending on availability) via webex.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended yesterdays session and to all those who have shown an interest in rejuvenating the Chapter. We hope that a strong and vibrant chapter can be built and sustained in Bangladesh, with your help.

Best wishes from 

Anne Lord & 

Rajnesh Singh.

NB: This post is a copy of email, sent by Anne Lord, Senior Manager, Chapter & Individual Memberships Internet Society (ISOC) . 

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Posting Directly from ISOC Meeting Dhaka, Bangladesh - Finished with Lots of Expectation.

At this moment I am writing this post direct from ISOC Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

A lot of key personals from various organization is here. I am uploading simple picture, just to show. More will be added later with more information.


Ahamed Bauani

Update: It was really nice meeting of Internet User to Create a Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter. For the first time Mr. Russell John, the founder of Bangladesh Linux User Alliance (BLUA)take responsibility to create a mailing list and arrange an event within short time with the volunteer who signup to work for Internet Society Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter. Mr. Russell is an young volunteer who like to attach voluntary job.  It is really a good sign that young person come up to take responsibility.

Few Picture:
Anne Lord, Senior Manager of Chapter & Individual Memberships of ISOC is Preparing herself to take a group picture of attended personals of ISOC Mitting in Dhaka Bangladesh 

Rajnesh D. Singh, Head, Regional Bureau for Asia, ISOC collecting information of volunteer who will help ISOC Bangladesh Chapter re-organising and rejuvenating

Meeting in Dhaka, Bangladesh to Re-organize ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter Finished. Everyone Preparing to Go Home.  

To re-organize ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter new volunteer group of around 20 members coordinate by Mr. John Russell has been created. Mr. Russell will work as bridge between ISOC and other member from Bangladesh. Few deadline has fixed to finish some specific job. All ISOC member will notified via email of progress. I wish and hope the success of creating and run ISOC Bangladesh Dhaka Chapter with these young blood. 

Thanks to all 
Noor Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant
Specially work for Customize & Complex Internet Network
Both on IPv4 & IPv6 Protocol. 

Internet Society (ISOC)  URL:

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IMPORTANT: Internet Society meeting, Dhaka - Change of Venue

Further to our earlier message on the Internet Society and its Bangladesh Chapter, please note that we have had to change the venue of the meeting on Wednesday 6th October as the Westin Hotel is unable to provision a suitable venue.

The meeting will now be held at:

        Hotel Washington        56 Gulshan Avenue, Road# 132
        Gulshan -1, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh
        Time: 5:30PM to 7:30PM
        Refreshments will be served.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and I would very much appreciate if you could circulate this change of venue to anyone interested in attending.
I look forward to seeing you at the Hotel Washington on Wednesday evening.

Best wishes,
Rajnesh D. Singh
Regional Bureau for Asia

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rent a Car in Bangladesh - Hertz is Gone!

Do you know that a world wide company name 'Hertz' which was famous for car rental has withdrawn their operation from Bangladesh. 

As far I know this company withdrawn  their business network from Bangladesh just because of management related problem between core Hertz and it's Bangladeshi partner. 

Interesting thing is, you can still call to phone number of Hertz and ask for a car and you will get it. How it is possible? yes it's another interesting story. 

An ex-employ of Hertz Bangladesh realized that Hertz is going to close it's business, so he decided to capture Hertz's phone number ( 9884311 and 9881290). Now if anybody call to this number for a car, he take the order. He has a network of private car owner who rent their private car to a decent person. Most of people don't know he has rent a car from 3rd party, not from Hertz. There is lot of company in Bangladesh for rant a car, but people prefer to rent it from Hertz with extra money just for reliability. Isn't a crime to use someone's goodwill without permission?

Anyway, I had a wish to create a rent-a-car website from where people can choose the car and other thing. I got this idea from an UK Rant-A-Car Company, website address is: from where you can compare the value, car, rent and the terms & condition. I would like your input on this regards. 

Ahamed Bauani 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

U.S. Government Announces Timetable for IPv6 Deployment

Internet Society's Leslie Daigle participates IPv6 workshop panel chaired by U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra

30 September 2010--The Internet Society welcomed the announcement this week by White House CIO Vivek Kundra of specific milestones for U.S. government agencies in their deployment of IPv6, the next generation of Internet Protocol, as it provides additional momentum behind an important evolution of the Internet. The Internet Society believes governments have key roles to play in raising awareness and encouraging the deployment of IPv6, and that government leadership can foster IPv6 deployment more generally.

Speaking on a panel chaired by US CTO Aneesh Chopra during the workshop at which the announcement was made, the Internet Society's Chief Internet Technology Officer Leslie Daigle observed that IPv6 deployment is critical to the Internet's continued success as a global platform for unprecedented innovation and development, and to the future of organizations that use the Internet.

Daigle said, "Just as any business that uses the Internet should have a strategy and a plan for deploying IPv6, the Internet Society believes that a clear plan for deploying IPv6 will help governments continue to provide effective Internet-based services for their citizens."

The announced deployment timetable extends the U.S. Government's efforts in promoting IPv6, and adds to IPv6 deployment initiatives being undertaken by other governments, such as the European Commission, Japan and Australia.

Details about the Internet Society's efforts to promote and support the deployment of IPv6 can be found at:

Additional information about the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration IPv6 workshop and the announcement is available at:

Information above is taken from :
[ISOC] ISOC Member Newsletter - Volume 9 Number 9 - September 2010

Posted by:
Noor Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant
Expert on Customize & Complex Internet Connectivity
Both in IPv6 & IPv4

Friday, October 1, 2010

Desh.TV Website Hacked or Intentionally Serve Suspicious Code?

This is really unfortunate that an website of popular TV channel is serving suspicious code to it's visitor which might install a virus type software or harm PC in any way. I notice this abnormal behavior of this site few days ago and inform Desh TV authority about it. But still no action. Now I am in doubt about the site maintainer's role on this incident.

Screenshot of  DeshTV Website after its being Hacked

I am attaching screenshot of the warning by Google when I tried to visit the site Still now the page is listed under suspicious website.

Their might be no thing happen, one, they don't bother if anyone get infected via their website or two, they don't know how to maintain a site securely. Another doubt is is it intentional work to install code to visitor's PC so that in future it can be use, I hope not.

My request to Desh TV website maintainer to check this out and clean the site as soon as possible so that innocent user don't get infection with unknown type of virus by visiting your site

See screenshot bellow, till today there is warning messages appear when anyone visiting the website:

Another Screenshot of DeshTV Hacked Website 

Hope DeshTV will take necessary action regarding this security issue.

With Thanks
Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant
Expert on Complex & Customize Internet Connectivity
Including both IPv4 and IPv6


I have received some reply from DeshTV Authority via email. Some of email posted bellow:

Dear Mr. Ahamed Bauani,

There was a link to an external website http : // likkiaz . net"
embedded in some pages which was the cause of the error.

I removed the links and updated the website's pages.

I hope you will not see the error messages anymore
and would appreciate your observation.

BTW, it was developed by a 3rd party developer.

Best wishes.

Monjur Ahmed
BOE & IT, DeshTV Limited
Cell: (+88) 016 71 469662
Let an Expert Build Your Internet Presence.


Dear Mr. Ahamed Bauani,

Thank your for drawing our attention to this matter.

This is a known-issue and we are full aware of it.
And be assured that it's not malicious/harmful to any PC.

We are developing a full-functional website anew 
which will replace the old website engine in the next few weeks.

Thank you.

Monjur Ahmed
BOE & IT, DeshTV Limited
Cell: (+88) 016 71 469662
Let an Expert Build Your Internet Presence.


I Offered them support to examine of site and take action to removal of black list of Google, I didn't get anymore reply from them yet. 

Best Wishes
Noor Ahamed Bauani

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