Saturday, January 16, 2010

BTRC Issued Draft Guideline for Second Submarine Cable License for Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has issued draft licensing guidelines for two new submarine cable licences, reports Commsday. The 20-year licences will permit construction and operation of undersea cables into the country, cable landing stations and a terrestrial fibre link to the capital, Dhaka, whilst licensees will have foreign ownership capped at 40%. Concessions include the right to sell or lease capacity to domestic holders of international voice/internet gateway licences as well as authorised international private leased circuit (IPLC) users. The licence acquisition fee has been set at BDT500 million (USD7.2 million), with an annual licensing fee of BDT250 million plus an obligation to share at least 10% of quarterly revenues with the government (with an exemption for the first twelve months of operation). Bidders will compete based on the proportion of their turnover they are willing to hand over to the state.

TeleGeography's GlobalComms Database says that Bangladeshi international gateway operators currently have access to the SEA-ME-WE-4 submarine cable system via a single landing station located at Cox's Bazar and operated by the Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Ltd (BSCCL), which was spun off from state-run telcoBangladesh Telecommunications Company Ltd (BTCL) in July 2008. According to BSCCL, only 24% (10.7Gbps) of the company's 44.6Gbps submarine capacity allocation is currently being used. Back-up connectivity is via satellite earth station/VSAT until an alternative submarine link is available. New submarine cable operating licensees will be required to build a system with a design capacity of at least two fibre pairs supporting a minimum of 64x10Gbps wavelengths (1.28Tbps), with initial lit capacity of at least 40Gbps. Cable facilities should be ready for service 18 months from the date of the concession award. Furthermore, each licensee should build a separate landing station within the general area of Khula-Patuakhali-Barisal-Chittagong, and should provide access, co-location and landing facilities to other submarine cable licensees, as and when required by the BTRC.

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New IGW ICX License will issue by Bangladesh Government by Next Month

The government of Bangladesh will issue fresh licenses of international gateway (IGW) andinternational connection exchange (ICX) to break the monopoly business existing in the sector.

"We will change the policy formulated by the past caretaker government within next month and issue new licenses of IGW and ICX," Post and Telecommunications Minister Raziuddin Ahmed Razu told the House in reply to a supplementary raised by treasury bench member Tanveer Shakil Joy. Responding to another question, the telecom minister said the present government has undertaken steps to launch a communication satellite very soon to modernize the telecommunications system to build Digital Bangladesh by 2021.

"Launching a communication satellite is a long-cherished dream and the efforts for procuring money to this end are going on," he said.

The minister also said that the discussion on launching the country's own communication satellite with different countries including the USA and China is also going on as Bangladesh wants to launch it as soon as possible. Answering to written questions raised by ruling party lawmakers Apu Ukil and Meher Afroz, Razu said there are six mobile phone operators in the country and their subscribers till November, 2009, stood at 5,05,50,000.

Of the six mobile phone vendors, he said, Grammenphone has now 2.23 crore subscribers, Banglalink 1.3 crore, AKTEL 89 lakh, Warid 29 lakh, Citycell 20 lakh and Teletalk 11 lakh.

Besides, he said, the number of subscribers of state-run Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) till November, 2009, was 9,52,779. The telecom minister also informed the House that the government has realized Taka 5,692.50 crore as revenue from the six mobile phone companies in the 2008-09 fiscal year.

Of the amount, he said, the highest Taka 1,051.10 crore was realized from Grammenphone, Taka 784.10 crore from Banglalink, Taka 191.50 crore from Citycell, Taka 126 crore from Warid and Taka 48.20 crore from Teltalk.Razu also said that the government has taken up various steps to raise the number of subscribers and income of the BTCL.

The measures, he said, include setting up of a 1.71 lakh-line digital exchange with NGN facility in the old part of Dhaka city at a cost of Taka 197 crore and installation of modern internet equipment at different telephone exchanges in Dhaka city at a cost of Taka 623 crore.

Responding to another question raised by treasury bench member Mohammad Jashim Uddin, the minister said the government has taken ups steps to reform the Postal Department. The reform works have already started, he said.

The steps, he said, include amendment to the Post Office Act,1898, introduction of standard carton for parcel and EMS, providing passport service and building rural post offices as e- centres.

Source: BSS, Dhaka

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Changes at Service and Active for User

This week DynDNS has made some cool changes to give cool DynDNS experience to it's clients. Bellow is some new feature:

1. Redesigned Homepage - Looking to use DynDNS as a solution for a problem you're having? The homepage lets you jump right to the solution. Definitely helpful for those that aren't familiar with all of our services.

2. Hostname Tagging - Now you can specify what you're using your hostnames for. Tags include DVR, Remote Access, Blog, Photo Gallery, and more. This is particularly helpful if you manage multiple hostnames.

3. New - The new community offers community voting on questions/answers, reputation points and service badges, and single sign on for users. Consider yourself a networking expert or like to help people get their networks up and running? If so, join now.

4. DynDNS Twitter Page - Although we love hearing from you here on Facebook, we'd love to hear from you on Twitter as well. You can follow us at

You're going to be seeing a lot more of DynDNS Ninja Squad (DNS, get it?) There on Facebook, Twitter, and various tech blogs in this coming year as they continue their transition that Kyle mentioned here:

Enjoy the gift from DynDNS.

Ahamed Bauani

Saturday, January 9, 2010

CentOS Tzdata Fix Released for ngladesh's Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2010

Bangladesh's Daylight Saving Time (DST) Ended and Clocks Across the Country Move Back by One Hour.

However I have posted a BUG report to CentOS development team and CentOS has released a fix for tzdata package. For more information please visit :

All CentOS users, who are using NTP for Time Synchronization with other countries of world via any means and auto update of security fixes are requested to update there tzdata package on Machine running CentOS by running command:

#yum -y update tzdata

After updating tzdata package, you will automatically synchronized with world time.

Happy Linuxing

Ahamed Bauani
Freelance ICT Consultant &
Complex Internet Networking Expert

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Bangladesh's Daylight Saving Time (DST) Ended and Clocks Across the Country Move Back by One Hour

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spam Assassin Ruleset Bug for cPanel user Discovered which Related to 2010 Year

SpamAssassin Quality Assurance team discovered a bug within it's ruleset that will mark messages sent in the year 2010 (that's today) and beyond with a higher spam score than expected. This bug can result in legitimate mail being flagged as spam.

The cPanel Development team has issued a hot fix that will address this issue and will automatically update the SpamAssassin ruleset to resolve this issue. If you have automatic cPanel updates enabled, no further action is required.

If you are user of cPanel and do not have automatic cPanel updates enabled, you can manually update the SpamAssassin ruleset by executing the following commands in a root shell:

/scripts/autorepair spamd_y2010_fix

If you need any assistance, our 24x7 Technical Analyst team is standing by to provide you with further instructions, answers, and solutions to this bug. To reach them please submit a ticket via:

You can also join the discussion on the SpamAssassin bug at

For a more detailed explanation and information on resolving this problem on a non-cPanel environment, please review:

Information above has announced by cPanel Team and Posted by

Ahamed Bauani
Complex Internet Network Expert

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bangladesh's Daylight Saving Time (DST) Ended and Clocks Across the Country Move Back by One Hour

Bangladesh's daylight saving time (DST) has ended and the clocks across the country move back by one hour from 11.59pm (23:59) to 10.59 (22:59) local time on Thursday, December 31, 2009. This change will bring Bangladesh back to being six hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), or UTC+6. Bangladesh is on UTC+7 during DST.

Peoples of Bangladesh are not familiar with Day Light Saving Time (DST) at all. During last few month, when DST time was running, people were very much confused on it. I am talking about the general people of Bangladesh who were confused even some of them are angry. But we, the administrator on different network including Internet network, Airlines or any other work where time synchronization with other countries of world is in deep problem as Government of Bangladesh couldn't properly notify or verify the change on GPS authority or any other International Time Service authority.

Today, 1st January 2010, NTP servers around world including NTP server of NASA is still providing DST time. I am surprised to see how a Government of a country dose this type of stupid job.

Only one thing giving us hope that Bangladesh Government has decided the fixed Day Light Saving Time period. On December 24, 2009, the Bangladesh cabinet approved the proposal to end DST on December 31. The approval was given at a cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's office, with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair.

DST Schedule of Bangladesh for 2010

The clock will again be put forward by one hour from March 31, 2010, and it will remain so until October 31, 2010. The decision was made in light of factors such as the growing demand for electricity.

In future, we hope Bangladesh Government consider all factor before changing local time and notify proper authority around the globe and ensure the global authority has make proper change on their configuration to provide accurate time via their Time Service in various way.

Update: CentOS Tzdata Fix Released for ngladesh's Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2010

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