Sunday, October 31, 2010

SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber Repeater Problem Effect Internet Service of BTCL

From an unauthenticated Source, I got information that the Submarine Cable SEA-ME-WE-4 cable which is only Submarine cable connect Bangladesh to Worldwide Network of Internet Having Problem caused BTCL to route all of their traffic via only one peer which is Seabone in Italy.

Source also added that malfunction of SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber Repeater Near a place something called like 'Marakka' or Country name 'Morokko' fource BTCL to force ALL Internet Traffic via their other gateway peer which is Seabone Italy. BTCL even can't connect to TATA Communication, the default and main Gateway of them.

As my source is low in education, so there might a possibility of location of problem he told me over phone.

Let me check more deeply so that I can be sure about the problem and update you soon.

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By the way, the other IIGW called Mango Teleservice (MangoTEL) is having no problem. At this moment I am writing via an ISP connected through MangoTEL.

Thank You

Noor Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant
Specially for Internet Routing on both protocol named IPv4 and IPv6
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1. An high official of BTCL who don't want to discloser his name has confirm the malfunction of SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber Repeater, which is making BTCL in pressure of traffic. He also request to all ISP to limit their bandwidth and block unnecessary service or low priority like P2P applications, browsing of porn other game website etc.

2. See bellow the 'traceroute' from both BTCL and Mango. By the way, as I am on GSM Network, ignore the time to reach the next destination and for privacy, first few path has been removed. Please have a look, by the way both target traceroute is same, the IP of Google's Public DNS server (

A. Trace from BTCL Network:

# (  2.791 ms  6.709 ms  7.212 ms 149.038 ms  148.469 ms (  149.745 ms
# (  182.717 ms  187.404 ms  186.616 ms
# (  183.052 ms  182.623 ms  182.319 ms
# (  183.091 ms  190.724 ms (  199.077 ms
# (  198.907 ms  198.664 ms  198.311 ms
# (  185.146 ms  186.016 ms (   200.709 ms
# * (  195.788 ms *
# (  183.568 ms  182.818 ms  182.707 ms

B. Now Check Mango on same destination (Sorry I had to use Windows tracert command: 
 #   607 ms   497 ms   359 ms
 #   434 ms   460 ms   358 ms
 #   793 ms   598 ms   478 ms
 #   631 ms   621 ms   598 ms []
 #   474 ms   599 ms   496 ms []
 #   492 ms   496 ms   502 ms
 #  1333 ms   543 ms   698 ms
 #  1266 ms   705 ms   598 ms
 #   950 ms   700 ms   598 ms
 #   968 ms   663 ms   598 ms
 #   554 ms   460 ms   520 ms
 #  1074 ms   718 ms   742 ms []

Trace complete.

Update will be posted continuing till the problem is resolved. 

By Ahamed Bauani on 18:06 BDT [GMT + 06]  

3. I have talked with several tech & non tech personal, specially to find out the what is happening there. Few Senior officer confirmed me that they are working hard to restore normal peering with partners but it might take time till the Repeater replaced or repaired.  During this time they request Seabone to increase the capacity so that the impact on end user become low. He also said Seabone has already increased the capacity and working to give more capacity. The person who informed is an senior level official of BTCL and I can relay on him.

By Ahamed Bauani on 20:06 BDT [GMT + 06]

4. It seems that BTCL has successfully take care of the incident. Though the fiber problem still in place, BTCL manage to give all most 80+% of service to it's user. This is really nice. At last BTCL is active.

ALL Thanks & Credits goes to BTCL's Top to Low Level Engineers. We are (We the ISPs are) very happy to see this type of prompt service from BTCL. And hope BTCL will continue this type of support in future.

By Ahamed Bauani on 13:28 BDT [GMT + 06]

5. LAST UPDATE: Today, 7th November, 2010 from Aprox 02:00 to 03:25 Hour BDT [GMT + 06] BTTB Internet was DOWN. I have confirmed it from different source and every source expect BTCL has confirm the downtime. It seems that BTCL has properly restore it's full capacity during the downtime. But BTCL should issue some kind of Preses Release or Possible Maintainability Schedule before starting the job. So user like us can get prepared to take care of customer support issue.

Anyway, I hope this is the end of This issue, if anything arise again, I will start thread. Thanks to all for your support.  


Ahamed Bauani
Freelance IT Consultant
Advance & Complex Routing Expert
Both on IPv4 & IPv6
Need an IPv6 Connectivity? Just Knock me!

HP: +880-1818-BAUANI (SMS Only, No Direct Call Please)
Give Me Sunshine, Give Me Some Rain, Give Me a Chance to Grow up Again


Didarul from Dhaka Wireless said...

Dear Bauani Bhai, Thank you for posting the real story of problem. As you know we are only connect to Internet via BTCL, we are having problem, which I already notice earlier.

Can you please inform me when we can expect the smooth connectivity, mean the timeline of resolving the problem? If I get the actual time and if it is too long, then I might ask you for a secondary link from anywhere in Bangladesh.

At this moment we are getting bandwidth but it is fluctuating within short time. Some of my customer getting good speed for moment, next moment same customer's bandwidth become zero.

I officially requesting you to advise what to do at this moment.

System Administrator
Dhaka Wireless, an IPv6 Enable ISP in Bangladesh!

Bauani said...

Hello Didarul, as per my view, we should wait and see till tomorrow. See my update number 3, where BTCL is trying to get the highest possible capacity of their SDH/HDH network equipment. I don't know is it STM1, STM4 or STM8.

Seabone can support upto STM16 in matter of hour, but in Bangladesh, increasing the limitation of hardware is real hard. But there is a lot of flight taking off and landing on our Airport. If they (BTCL) are that much efficient as of their speech, you might expect removal of hardware limitation by tomorrow noon.

My advice is to be cool and keep an eye on your Network Monitoring System. I have already an MoU with MangoTel and Fiber is there. If you feel unsecured, just SMS me, I will connect you via Mango hopefully hour of time.

Or if you have enough money, then SMS me, you will find your prefix advertised via Mango by today 09:00 hour BDT (+/-) 30 minute;)

Ahamed Bauani
Catch me on Google

techinfo said...


Bauani said...

Thanks for posting comments on my blog article. Actually The Repeater of SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Fiber is now Resolved. This issue has been confirmed by the current operator of SEA-ME-WE-4 Submarine Cable Control Center.

Also BTCL has restore the capacity of there peering both with India ( TATA Communications) & Italy (Seabone), but the configuration seems still having problem. Me too is getting lower bandwidth from BTCL for the amount we paid for due to their configuration problem. Seems they configured the network/router with 'Static Route' Topology instate of 'dynamic route' Topology.

See the Traceroute Traceroute Report Bellow of IP: which is physically located in India:

-> ( 15.415 ms 15.677 ms 15.846 ms

-> ( 158.408 ms ( 158.078 ms ( 158.410 ms

-> ( 183.265 ms 185.952 ms 185.688 ms

-> ( 189.179 ms ( 193.471 ms 193.219 ms

-> ( 212.112 ms ( 207.878 ms 210.970 ms

-> ( 275.084 ms 277.940 ms 277.929 ms

-> ( 302.513 ms 302.554 ms 304.998 ms

-> ( 308.860 ms 306.820 ms *

-> ( 304.601 ms 312.114 ms 308.345 ms

-> ( 310.060 ms 313.553 ms 310.011 ms

-> ( 311.224 ms 308.281 ms *

->* ( 306.955 ms 306.961 ms

->* * *

Note: For Privacy Issue first 3 Hops has been Removed and the Router with IP address might have firewall blocking traceroute UDP Route)

Can you see, when BTCL has Direct Peering with TATA Communication, we have to reach an Indian IP via Italy. This is one proof from thousands that BCTL currently using static route which is really unexpected.

-Ahamed Bauani

Seema said...

Dear Bauani Bhai, i m first time in your page. I liked it. Could u help me to find out, How internet is helping Bangladesh economically, socially, and politically? It will be highly appreciable if u kindly write me I need to study on that preliminary. Later, i m going to research on it. I need your co-operation. Thanx

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