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Impact of the Debian OpenSSL vulnerability on CentOS Box

A severe vulnerability was found in the random number generator (RNG)of the Debian OpenSSL package, starting with version 0.9.8c-1 (and similar packages in derived distributions such as Ubuntu). While this bug is not present in the OpenSSL packages provided by CentOS, it may still affect CentOS users.

The bug barred the OpenSSL random number generator from gaining enough entropy required for generating unpredicatable keys. In fact it appearss that the only source for entropy was the process ID of the process generating a key, which is chosen from a very small range and is predictable. As such, all keys generated using the Debian OpenSSL library should be considered compromized. Programs that use OpenSSL
include OpenSSH and OpenVPN. Note that GnuPG and GNU TLS do not use OpenSSL, so they are not affected.

This vulnerability can affect CentOS machines through the use of keys that were generated with the OpenSSL package from Debian. For instance, if a user uses OpenSSH public key authentication to log on to a CentOS server, and this user generated the key pair with a vulnerable OpenSSL library, the server is at heavy risk because the
key can be reproduced easily.

Additionally, all (good) DSA keys that were ever used on a vulnerable Debian machine for signing or authentication should also be considered compromized due to a known attack on DSA keys.

As a result of this bug, everyone should audit *every* key or cerficicate that was generated with OpenSSL, to trace its origin and make sure that it was not generated with a vulnerable Debian OpenSSL package. Or in the case of DSA keys care should be taken that they were not generated or used on a system with a vulnerable OpenSSL
package. Keys that are potentially compromised should be replaced with strong keys.

The Debian Wiki[2] has a preliminary list of affected application. A tool to detect potentially weak keys is also provided, but it contains an incomplete list of affected keys and can give false positives.

The Metasploit project provides a full list of weak keys in various configurations[3].

Questions on how this may affect CentOS users should be directed to the CentOS users list. List subscription information is available from:


Monday, December 29, 2008

BANGLADESH: Homeopathic doctor arbitrarily arrested and detained by the Detective Branch police in Dinajpur

I am writing to bring to your attention a recent case I have learned about involving a homeopathic doctor who was arbitrarily arrested by the DB police Sub Inspector of the Dinajpur district and then detained for seven days. According to the information I have received, the SI of the DB police, along with his colleagues, raided a shop and the house of its owner and seized unauthorized goods. The SI fabricated evidence while seizing those goods, thus implicating homeopathic doctor, Dr. Basudev Roy. The police lodged a case against Dr. Basudev with the Kotwali police station for violating sections of the Narcotics Control. They then arrested Dr. Basudev regarding the case and detained him.

I have also learned that the police intimidated the victim and the staff of his shop as well as his family and extorted money from them. Although the alleged key perpetrator was temporarily suspended from his duty following an investigation conducted by the office of the Superintendent of Police (SP), no legal action was taken against him. Furthermore, his associates have not yet been identified or punished. While the victim has been released from detention, he continues to face the charges laid against him, despite the investigation having proven that the charges were the result of fabricated evidence. The victim has not received the money extorted from him by the police nor been granted any compensation.

In light of this, I urge you to take immediate steps to have the charges laid against the victim withdrawn without delay. The money extorted from him must also be returned. I also request that you order a prompt and thorough investigation into the alleged conduct of the police.  If it is found that the alleged perpetrators committed crimes against the victim, then they must be made accountable for their actions. If they are found guilty of arbitrary arrest, fabricating evidence, extorting money, harassment and intimidation, then they must be indicted under the prevailing domestic laws of Bangladesh.  What is more, if the extortion is found to be true then the DB Police SI must be charged and forced to compensate the victim for the losses he has suffered.  During the investigation of the police, protection must be afforded to the victim.  
Such action by the police is a matter of deep concern. It would appear that many of Bangladesh’s police personnel are involved in the violation of laws rather than upholding the laws of the country. This reflects the lack of commitment as well as lack of respect for the citizens of the country and the excessive powers the police wield and abuse.

I therefore urge you and other government officials in Bangladesh to consider reforming your current law enforcement system by introducing better training programmes for your police officers and to make them more accountable for the abuses they commit against ordinary citizens of Bangladesh.

I look forward to your urgent intervention in this matter.

Yours sincerely,


1. Mr. Abdul Quayum
Inspector General of Police (IGP)
Bangladesh Police
Police Headquarters’
Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
Tel: +88-02-9562054, 7176451, 7176677, 8362552 or 8362553
Fax: +88-02-9563362, 9563363

2. Mr. Dr. Baharul Islam BPM
Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
Rajshahi Range 
Office of the DIG of Rajshahi Range
Tel: +88-0721-772309 (O) 
Fax: +88-0721-775444 (O)

3. Mr. Md. Lutfozzaman Babor MP
State Minister 
The Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh 
The Bangladesh Secretariat
Tel: +88-02-7169069, 8359000
Fax: + 88-02-7160405, 7164788

4. Mr. Anwarul Karim
Joint Secretary (Police)
Ministry of Home Affairs
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Secretariat
Tel: +88-02-7164680, 8953012 
Fax: +88-02-7171592

5. Mr. A. J. Mohammad Ali
The Attorney General of Bangladesh
The Office of the Attorney General
Supreme Court Building
Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Tel: +88-02-9562868
Fax: +88-02-9561568

6. Mr. Syed J. R. Mudassir Husain
The Chief Justice
The Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Supreme Court Building
Ramna, Dhaka-1000
Tel: +88-02-9562792
Fax: +88-02-9565058

7. Ms Leila Zerrougui
Working Group on Arbitrary Detention
c/o Miguel de la Lama
1211 Geneva 10 
Fax: +41 22 917 9006 (ATTENTION: Working Group on Arbitrary Detention)

Thank you.

Urgent Appeal Programme
Asian Human Rights Commission

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Homeopathy Education in Bangladesh

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Former Bangladesh cabinet secretary son captured with forged certificate by Dhaka board

Dhaka board captures student 
with forged certificate 

Staff Correspondent

Officials of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka on Wednesday captured a forged HSC certificate holder, but did not hand him over to the police amid pressure of higher authorities, board officials said.
Mahbub Imam Majumdar, who passed himself off as son of former cabinet secretary Ali Imam Majumdar, came to the board office today to have his SSC and HSC certificates attested. Our officials found Mahbub's HSC certificate to be forged,' the board's chairman M Monirul Islam told newsmen in his office.

Mahbub also passed himself off as a Bangladesh Navy captain and asked our officials to attest the certificate quickly. Our officials contacted the navy headquarters and were informed that the identity was also forged. They handed Mahbub over to on-duty Ansars personnel,' the chairman said.

Mahbub later admitted to having a forged HSC certificate and said he was not a navy official,' a board official said.

Mahbub claimed he had obtained the certificate from the College of Development Alternative. He came to the board for attestation as higher studies abroad requires certificates to be attested by education boards,' another official said. 'We are facing pressure of the high up in the education ministry to set him free as he is son of a former cabinet secretary.'

Mahbub told newsmen he was a student of a private university and his HSC certificate was forged. Mahbub was not handed over to the police till 9:00pm.


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The Spy who knew Bangladesh better than its President

The Spy who knew Bangladesh better than its President

''A foreign intelligence agency is the eyes and ears of the government. Its activities are the direct resultant of the policies of the government, without which any government would be left in a state of limbo'' — R.N. Kao, the first RAW chief, who died on January 20.

The search for the man who would head RAW was a crucial one. Rameshwar Nath Kao, during his tenure with the IB, had been exposed to the world of intelligence and espionage, having worked in the field in the mid-sixties. Kao set up the structure, followed by K. Sankaran Nair who made it fully operational… It was possibly from a long list of names coined by DS Joshi, then Cabinet Secretary, that the title ''Research and Analysis Wing'' was selected.

The Bangla Desh Operation possibly began a year before the actual operation was underway. Even when the world did get a whiff of it in the shape of the Mukti Bahani, many remained unaware of RAW's involvement. By then Phase I of the operation was already completed. Phase II saw the Indian Armed Forces poised for the liberation of Bangla Desh. RAW, along with the Mukti Bahani, when they developed into a formidable force, provided information to the Indian forces.

Information collected by an IB foreign desk operative in London from a Pakistani diplomat indicated that the West Pakistanis were contemplating action against Bengali Muslims in Pakistan. By 1968 Indian operatives had already been in contact with the ''pro-Mujib'' faction. A meeting convened in Agartala during 1962-63, between the IB foreign desk operatives and the Mujib faction indicated to ''Colonel'' Menon (which in fact was Sankaran Nair's non de guerre that the 'group' was eager to escalate their movement. ''Colonel Menon'' had warned them that in his opinion it was far too early for them to take any positive action. As Colonel Menon right put it….''they jumped the gun.'' But this was a total disaster.

A few months later, on January 6, 1968, the Pakistan government announced that 28 persons would be prosecuted for conspiring to bring about the secession of East Pakistan, with India's help. Mujib was implicated 12 years later as an accused. By now the IB foreign desk (PAK) had moved to the new set-up at RAW. RAW cells were set up all along the border.

RAW sources in Karachi had indicated a movement of troops from Karachi harbour for Dacca. On March 3, a message sent out from Dacca to Calcutta by a RAW operative indicated that a major crackdown was imminent. As the report found its way to New Delhi, an urgent message was flashed — ''…advise Menon…' to bring in … our friends.' Towards the end of April the genocide continued and drove 9.8 million into exile to India. The March 1969 RAW report had already spelt out the possibility of Pakistan resorting to a war with India… By the end of May, another RAW assessment sent to the Prime Minister spelt out the need of a ''surgical intervention''. RAW received the green signal and began mobilising its resources. The Mukti Fauj was known as the Mukti Bahani two months after its formation on the night of March 25, 1971.

General SHFJ Manekshaw, Chief of Army Staff, realised that the major question of India's defence policy could not be dealt with in purely military terms. As Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, he pressed for political involvement of the Government. For the first time a political representative in the person of DP Dhar, designated as Chairman of the Planning Committee of the Ministry of External Affairs, was inducted into the war council. On the civil side, a secretariat committee was set up to take executive decisions, dealing with preparations for war and their execution. The committee consisted of the Secretaries of Defence, Home, Finance and Foreign Affairs, with Kao as Member Secretary.

With the go-ahead signal, RAW's underground network in East Pakistan came alive. Every six weeks 2,000 guerrillas were being trained by RAW, capable of taking on the enemy in hit and run encounters.

After the war for liberation was over, Bangla Desh was estimated as a sovereign state with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as its head. RAW agents continued to keep an eye on developments in the newly born country. By the end of 1973, RAW reports began to indicate unrest in the country. Nair met Mujib and apprised him of the situation. Mujib, preoccupied with other events, that engulfed his country, shrugged off the warning.

Four months later, RAW agents received information of a meeting between Major Rashid, Major Farooq and Lt Col Usmani at Zia-ur-Rahman's residence. The decision, among other things, had centred on the coup. During the three-hour meeting one of the participants had doodled on a scrap of paper, which had been carelessly thrown into the waste basket. The scrap had been collected from the rubbish pile by a clerk and passed on to the RAW operative. The information finally reached New Delhi.

Kao, convinced that a coup was in the offing, flew into Dacca, under cover of a pan exporter. After his arrival at Dacca, he was driven to a rendezvous arranged beforehand. Mujib is reported to have found the exercise highly dramatic and just could not understand why Kao could not have come to see him officially.

The Kao-Mujib meeting lasted one hour. Kao was unable to convince Mujib that a coup was brewing and that his life was threatened, in spite of being given the names of those suspected to have been involved.

Les than three months later, on the night of August 14, an army manoeuvre took place. The Bengal Lancers and the Bangla Desh Armoured Corps moved out of the cantonment to the capital's half built airport. A few hours later, the same evening, 40 members of the Mujib household along wit Sheikh Mujib, lay dead. The killings lasted three minutes.

On November 3, a counter coup led by Brigadier Khaled Musharraf was followed by yet another counter coup that established General Zia-ur-Rahman in power. It was on General Zia's subsequent goodwill visit to India that a formal meeting between Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the Bangla Desh President took place. Kao was also present. General Zia is reported to have remarked that ''this man (referring to Kao) knows more about my country than I do.''

(Edited excerpts from Inside RAW: The story of India's Secret Service by Asoka Raina,New Delhi, 1981)

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Smoking cause death [BGD AKTEL USER]



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Election Campaign Ends Midnight today Ban on Vehicles to Come Into Effect

Contenders in the upcoming parliamentary election have until 12:00am tomorrow to wrap up their campaigns as the curtain will fall on the last two weeks' hectic electioneering at midnight today.

None will be allowed to convene, hold or attend any public meeting, and no person will be allowed to organise or join any procession within the area of any constituency after midnight today.

The restrictions will continue till forty eight-hours have elapsed since the completion of vote casting, according to a news release of the Election Commission (EC).

According to the Representation of the People Order (RPO), any violation of the restrictions is punishable by a minimum of two years of rigorous imprisonment which might be extended to seven years, and also by fines.

The EC news release yesterday urged all to abide by the instructions.

Although official poll campaigns end at midnight today, the candidates however are expected to carry on quieter public relations in their last ditch efforts to get the voters to vote for them in the December 29 poll.

According to the amended RPO, the original schedule for the end of campaigns had been 8:00am today, but the EC extended the time limit by 16 hours.

The EC yesterday in another circular directed the returning officers (ROs) and the chiefs of law enforcement agencies to allow supporters of candidates within a radius of 400 yards of the polling centres to provide voters with their voter numbers and serial numbers.

"Such activities will not be considered as violations of the electoral rules," the EC said in the circular.

Through the circular, the EC also imposed a ban on movement of some types of vehicles across the country, from midnight of December 28 till midnight of December 29.

The vehicles are baby taxis, auto rickshaws, taxi cabs, jeeps, pick up vans, cars, buses, trucks, human haulers locally known as 'tempos', launches, speedboats and all other types of motorised water vehicles.

The ban however will not be effective on the highways.

In the metropolitan areas, a ban on movement of motorbikes will be in effect from midnight today till midnight of December 31.

However, the ban will not be applicable to the movement of vehicles transporting election observers and journalists, both international and domestic who will have legal identity cards, to vehicles carrying law enforcers, to ambulances, and to vehicles used for providing utility services.

The ban can also be relaxed for vehicles used by election candidates and their election agents, albeit with permissions from returning officers.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bangladesh urgently needs support for climate change

DHAKA, 16 December 2008 (IRIN) - Bangladesh urgently needs support in developing a climate-resilient agriculture if its people are to survive and prosper in the long term, according to some experts.

Climate change is affecting the country in many ways. For instance, rising sea levels are causing some agricultural land in coastal areas to become more saline, reducing both the quality and quantity of the produce available.

In southern districts where land is only centimetres higher than the brackish estuarine water, large swathes of agricultural land are becoming arid: Crop yields are shrinking as a result of increased salinity due to rising water levels in the Bay of Bengal.

Agronomists and agricultural experts now worry that creeping salinity will engulf more and more land in the low-lying nation.

"The impact of climate change on agriculture is undeniable and will most certainly worsen if governments and donors fail to take appropriate steps right now," Ghulam Mohammad Panaullah, former research director of the Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI), warned.

In coastal areas, cocoa nut and betel nut trees do not yield half of what they did two decades ago, while banana groves are dying out in their hundreds, Panaullah told IRIN.

At the same time, vegetables sold in the urban markets of Dhaka, Khulna and Rajshai are deemed tasteless and fetch low prices compared to produce from salt-free regions.

Climate-resilient agriculture

In a country where almost 80 percent of the population lives in rural areas, this is bad news.

According to the World Bank, Bangladesh's agriculture sector accounts for about 22 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), with another 33 percent of GDP is derived from the rural non-farm economy, which is also linked to agriculture. Around 54 percent of the rural population is employed in agriculture.

Bangladesh needs support for climate-resilient agriculture, ActionAid said in a report at the UN climate change summit in Poznan, Poland, which ended on 12 December.

Citing an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reportwhich said South Asia might experience a 30 percent drop in agricultural production by 2050, ActionAid said the slide was already evident.

Food price volatility, which could be compounded by increasing climate change variability, is likely to be a serious problem for the foreseeable future, according to ActionAid.

The report said support for sustainable climate-resilient agriculture was key to enabling farmers to increase food security and adapt.
New techniques

Meanwhile, in an effort to address this, farmers have taken to raising their vegetable beds, maintaining the soil's moisture by covering the seed beds (and the manure around plants) with straw and leaves to prevent excessive evaporation and erosion, and increasing the amount of organic material in the soil.

Others are modifying their cropping patterns altogether, the report said.

"Bangladesh is one of the worst affected among countries that are facing the early impacts of climate change," said A.K.M. Rezaul Kabir, secretary in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.

In 2005 the government prepared a National Action Plan on Adaptation (NAPA) identifying 15 projects that needed to be undertaken, but "unfortunately three years have already passed and we have only just started implementing the first project," the official said.

Climate risk index 

Bangladesh tops the Global Climate Risk Index 2009, followed by North Korea and Nicaragua.

Launched at the UN climate change conference in Poznan on 4 December, the index lists 170 countries and was drawn up by international NGO Germanwatch.

Natural calamities in Bangladesh led to the deaths of 4,729 people last year, and the average loss of property in Bangladesh due to natural disasters was over US$4 billion per year, the NGO said.

These changes are already having major impacts on the economy and on the lives and livelihoods of millions of poor people, according to a World Bank report.

It said predicted rainfall increase, particularly during the summer monsoon, could increase flooding in more vulnerable areas in Bangladesh.

In the longer term, global warming could lead to the disappearance of many glaciers that feed many rivers in South Asia, the report said.

"If that happens, green Bangladesh would turn into a grey desert and most people would die of starvation," predicted Mosharraf Hossain, a former parliamentarian from the coastal district of Laxmipur.


Themes: (IRIN) Early Warning, (IRIN) Environment, (IRIN) Natural Disasters

Report can be found online at:

SEA-ME-WE4-Repairs begin on undersea cable

France Telecom said it expected to repair SEA-ME-WE4 by 25 December 
and SEA-ME-WE3 by the end of the year.

Repairs begin on undersea cable A French ship has begun repairing two undersea cables in the 
Mediterranean that were severed on Friday, disrupting internet and phone communications.

A robot submarine will locate the ends of the cables on the sea bed and bring them to the surface to be re-connected. They were cut within 5 minutes of each other, possibly by a trawler net.

Egypt says it has been able to restore most of its communications by re-routing services, but other parts of the Middle East remain badly affected.

Experts have warned that it may be days before the fault is fixed and that the knock-on effect could have serious repercussions on regional economies. 

Lengthy process

Experts from France Telecom Marine arrived at the site of the damage to the SEA-ME-WE4 and SEA-ME-WE3 lines onboard the cable ship, Raymond Croze, at 1330 GMT on Sunday, spokesman Louis-Michel Aymard said.

They then sent a remotely-operated submarine robot called "Hector" to the sea bed to begin the search for the two ends of each line.

It is unclear how long repairs will take, as a ship could have dragged the cables several kilometres from their normal positions.

Once located, the cable ends will be brought to the surface by the robot and repairs will be carried out in a special facility on the ship - a process that could take days.

"We have to fix the cable fibre by fibre, and it's a very huge cable," Mr Aymard told the Associated Press.

France Telecom said it expected to repair SEA-ME-WE4 by 25 December and SEA-ME-WE3 by the end of the year.

A third line, operated by FLAG Telecom, was also cut and will be repaired by another ship.

In January the same line was damaged off Egypt's Mediterranean coast, severely disrupting internet and phone communications for many in the Middle East for days, although only two lines were snapped then.

A few hours before the three lines were cut, a suspected sub-sea earthquake damaged a local GO cable to Malta, severely disrupting communications to the island.

Has your internet connection been affected? Are you having trouble accessing any particular sites? What are your experiences? Send us your comments using the form below.

In most cases a selection of your comments will be published, displaying your name and location unless you state otherwise in the box below.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2008/12/22 11:20:53 GMT


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Latest Bangladesh Gazette about Dual Citizenship

This should put an end to the whole debate on Dual Citizenship for Bangladeshi American. This is the Bangladeshi side on Latest Bangladesh Gazette attached. Hope this will clear up some misunderstanding on Dual Nationality for Bangladeshi American or Bangladeshi Canadian. 

This information is from the US State Department's web site – please see the link below.


 Dual Nationality

The concept of dual nationality means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. Each country has its own citizenship laws based on its own policy. Persons may have dual nationality by automatic operation of different laws rather than by choice. For example, a child born in a foreign country to U.S. citizen parents may be both a U.S. citizen and a citizen of the country of birth.

A U.S. citizen may acquire foreign citizenship by marriage, or a person naturalized as a U.S. citizen may not lose the citizenship of the country of birth. U.S. law does not mention dual nationality or require a person to choose one citizenship or another. Also, a person who is automatically granted another citizenship does not risk losing U.S. citizenship. However, a person who acquires a foreign citizenship by applying for it may lose U.S. citizenship. In order to lose U.S. citizenship, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign citizenship voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give up U.S. citizenship.

Intent can be shown by the person's statements or conduct. The U.S. Government recognizes that dual nationality exists but does not encourage it as a matter of policy because of the problems it may cause. Claims of other countries on dual national U.S. citizens may conflict with U.S. law, and dual nationality may limit U.S. Government efforts to assist citizens abroad. The country where a dual national is located generally has a stronger claim to that person's allegiance.

However, dual nationals owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country. They are required to obey the laws of both countries. Either country has the right to enforce its laws, particularly if the person later travels there. Most U.S. citizens, including dual nationals, must use a U.S. passport to enter and leave the United States. Dual nationals may also be required by the foreign country to use its passport to enter and leave that country. Use of the foreign passport does not endanger U.S. citizenship. Most countries permit a person to renounce or otherwise lose citizenship.

Information on losing foreign citizenship can be obtained from the foreign country's embassy and consulates in the United States. Americans can renounce U.S. citizenship in the proper form at U.S. embassies and consulates abroad.

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Bangladesh National Election 2008 Candidate List

Bangladesh goes into poll on December 29, 2008 for a much awaited parliamentary election. The new generation of bloggers and facebook users are trying to harness the power of the new media. With a penetration of 1% of the total population of 145 million, Internet is still not a media that reaches mass people here. Bellow is the details of National Election 2008 Candidates around the country:

The candidates of Bangladesh National Election (Parliamentary election) 2008 bellow is sorted by Division, Districts and Election Area Name. 


AL : Awami League;
BDB : Bikalpadhara Bangladesh;
BIF : Bangladesh Islami Front;
BJP :Bangldesh Jatiya Party;
BKA: Bangladesh Khelafat Andolan;
BKM : Bangladesh Khelafat Majlish; B
KP : Bangladesh Kalyan Party;
BKSJ : Bangladesh Krishak Sramik Janata League;
BML : Bangladesh Muslim League;
BNAP : Bangladesh National Awami Party;
BNP : Bangladesh Nationalist Party;
BSD : Bangladesh Samajtantrik Dal;
BTF : Bangladesh Tarikat Federation;
CPB : Communist Party of Bangladesh;
GF : Gana Forum;
GP: Ganatantri Party;
IAB: Islami Andolan Bangladesh;
IFB : Islamic Front Bangladesh;
Ind: Independent;
IOJ: Islami Oikya Jote;
Jagpa: Jatiya Ganatantrik Party;
JP: Jatiya Party;
JSD: Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal;
JUIB: Jamiyate Ulamaye Islam Bangladesh;
LDP: Liberal Democratic Party;
NPP: National People’s Party;
ONA: Oikyabaddha Nagarik Andolan;
PDP: Progressive Democratic Party;
RWP: Revolutionary Workers Party of Bangladesh;
WP: Workers Party of Bangladesh;
ZP: Zaker Party.

Dhaka Division:

Tangail 1:
Abdur Razzak (AL), Fakir Mahbub Anam Swapan (BNP), Habibur Rahman Talukder (BKSJL);
Tangail 2:
Enamul Huq Manju (ZP), Khondokar Asaduzzaman (AL), Khaleda Habib (BKSJL), Monirul Islam (BDB), Sultan Salauddin Tuku (BNP);
Tangail 3:
Matiur Rahman (AL), Kazi Azizul Huq Bipul (BDB), Lutfar Rahman Khan Azad (BNP), Abdul Kader Siddiq (BKSJL), Abdur Rashid (IAB), Khalilur Rahman (ZP);
Tangail 4:
Abdul Latif Siddique (AL), M Ismail Hossain (JSD), M Mobarak Hossain (LDP) Lutfor Rahman Matin (BNP), Syed Mushtaq Hossain (JP);
Tangail 5:
Abu Yusuf (IAB), Mahfuz Reza (ZP), Murad Siddqui (BKSJL), M Abul Kashem (JP), retired major general Mahmudul Hasan (BNP), Mamun Al Rashid (AL);
Tangail 6:
Anwarul Islam Ratan (BKSJL), Ashsanul Islam Tito (AL), Khandaker Abdul Baten (Ind) Gautam Chakrabarty (BNP), Manzur Rashed (BDB), M Ankhi Nur Mia (IAB), M Motasim Billah (GF);
Tangail 7:
Ekabbar Hossain (AL), Abul Kalam Azad Siddiqi (BNP), M Shafiur Rahman, (BKSJL);
Tangail 8:
Zainal Abedin (JP), Abdu Kader Siddique (BKSJL), Shafiul Alam (JSD), Shaiduzzman Lal Mia (WP), Shawkat Momen Shahjahan (AL), Ahmed Azam Khan (BNP), Sheikh Faruquzzaman (LDP).
Jamalpur 1:
Abul Kalam Azad (AL), Nur Mohammad (Ind), M Aminul Islam (BKSJL), Shahida Akhtar Rita (BNP);
Jamalpur 2:
Faridul Huq Khan Dulal (AL), Sultan Mahmud Babu (BNP), Manjurul Ahsan Khan (CPB), M Jabed Mosharraf (Ind);
Jamalpur 3:
Mirza Azam (AL), M Mostafizur Rahman Babul (BNP), M Harunur Rashid (NPP), M Hasmat Ali (BKSJL);
Jamalpur 4:
Murad Hasan (AL), Faridul Kabir Talukdar Shamim (BNP), Habibur Rahman Taklukder (BKSJL);
Jamalpur 5:
Rezaul Karim Hira (AL), Sirajul Haque (BNP), Abu M Ahsan Kabir (BKSJL), Abul Allama M Jasimuddin (ZP), M Taj Uddin (JSD), M Ali Jinnah (BDB).
Sherpur 1:
Afil Sheikh (Ind), Kazi Azharul Islam (BTF), M Atiur Rahman Atik (AL), Muhammad Quamaruzzaman (Jamaat), Tofazzal Hossain Akand (BKP), M Shafiullah (BKSJL);
Sherpur 2:
Matia Chowdhury (AL), M Harun-or-Rashid (GF), Zahed Ali Chowdhury (BNP), Mozaffar Ahmed (NPP);
Sherpur 3:
Abdullah Al Mahmud (GF), AKM Fazlul Huque Chan (AL), AKM Khurram (Ind), M Abdul Wahed (IAB), Mahmudul Haque Rubel (BNP).
Mymensingh 1:
Pramod Mankin (AL), Afzal H Khan (BNP), Ali Akbar (IAB);
Mymensingh 2:
Golam Mawla Bhuiyan (IAB), Anwar Hossain (BKSJL), Hayatur Rahman Khan Belal (AL), Shah Shahid Sarwar (BNP);
Mymensingh 3:
Mujibur Rahman Fakir (AL), M Iqbal Hossain (BNP), Golam Mohammad (ZP), Abdul Matin (BNAP), M Matiar Rahman (BKSJL), M Rajab Ali (GF);
Mymensingh 4:
ANM Khairul Bashar (BSD), Chowdhury M Ishaq (JSD), M Abdul Aziz (BKA), M Mosharraf (IAB), Saidur Rahman (IFB), Rawshan Ershad (JP), AKM Mosharraf Hossain (BNP), Shahid Amini Rumi (BKP);
Mymensingh 5:
KM Khaled Babu (AL), Zakir Hossain (BNP), Tofazzal Hossain (IAB), M Syed Ali (BKSJL), Syed Mizanur Rahman (BDB), Habibur Rahman (BKM);
Mymensingh 6:
Moslem Uddin (AL), Nurul Alam Siddiqui (IAB), M Abdur Rashid (BKSJL), Ahad Ali (BKA), Shamsul Alam Khan (JSD), M Hasmatullah Sheikh (BML), Shamsuddin Ahmed (BNP);
Mymensingh 7:
Abdul Malek Farazi (Ind), Reza Ali (AL), Mahbubur Rahman Liton (BNP), M Fazlul Karim (GF), M Makhfurur Rahman (IAB);
Mymensingh 8:
Abdus Sattar (AL), Shah Nurul Kabir Shahin (BNP);
Mymensingh 9:
ASM Akram (Ind), M Abdul Hye (BDB), Zahirul Islam Khan (BDB), retired major general Abdus Salam (AL), Khurram Khan Chowdhury (BNP);
Mymensingh 10:
Ahmed Badar Uddin (Ind), Gias Uddin Ahmed (AL), M Abdul Mostakim (JSD), M Kamrul Hasan (BKP), Fazlur Rahman Sultan (BNP), M MIsbah Uddin Shah (BKSJL);
Mymensingh 11:
M Abdullah (BKSJL), M Aman Ullah (AL), Fakhruddin Ahmed Bachchu (BNP), M Mozammel Huq (CPB), M Kamrul Hasan (BKP).
Netrakona 1:
Mostak Ahmed Ruhi (AL), Kaisar Kamal (BNP), Siddiqur Rahman (CPB);
Netrakona 2:
Nayan Dutta (PDP), M Zafrullah Khan (BKA), Ashraf Ali Khan (AL), Ashraf Uddin Khan (BNP);
Netrakona 3:
Manjur Kader Qureshi (AL), Ehtesham Sarwar (IOJ), Rafiqul Islam Hilali (BNP), Regan Ahmed (BKSJL);
Netrakona 4:
Rebeka Momin (AL), retired lieutenant colonel Syed Ataul Haq (BNP);
Netrakona 5:
Waresat Hossain Balal (AL), Mohammad Ali (BNP), M Abdul Hannan Khan (Ind).
Kishoreganj 1:
AKM Abu Raihan (CPB), Faruque Ahmed Siddiqi (BKSJL), Bikram Basudev Basak (BSD), Syed Ashraful Islam (AL), Masud Hilali (BNP);
Kishoreganj 2:
MA Mannan (AL), M Shafiur Rahman Khan (GF), Anisuzzman Khokan (Ind), Abu Taher (BKSJL), M Yusuf (BDB), Syed Nazrul Islam (CPB), Sohrabuddin (BTF), Idris Ali Bhuiyan (BNP);
Kishoreganj 3:
Mizanul Huq (Ind), Nasirul Islam Khan (AL), M Abdul Khaleq (IAB), Majibul Huque Chunnu (JP), Jahangir Alam Mollah (BNP);
Kishoreganj 4:
Abdul Hamid (AL), Fazlur Rahman (BNP), Hedayetullah Haid (BKM);
Kishoreganj 5:
Abdur Rahim (BDB), Aminul Ehsan (BKP), Afzal Hossain (AL), Majibur Rahman Manju (BNP);
Kishoreganj 6:
Zillur Rahman (AL), M Shariful Alam (BNP).
Manikganj 1:
Anwarul Huq (AL), Khandaker Delwar Hossain (BNP), Tozammel Huq (Ind);
Manikganj 2:
SM Abdul Mannan (JP), Afroza Khan Rita (BNP), M Nawab Ali (CPB);
Manikganj 3:
Iqbal Hossain Khan (JSD), Zahid Malek (AL), Mafizul Islam Khan Kamal (GF), M Habibur Rahman (BTF), Sohrab Hossain (IAB), Harunar Rashid Khan Monno (BNP).
Munshiganj 1:
Sukumar Ranjan Ghosh (AL), Shah Moazzem Hossain (BNP), AQM Badruddoza (BDB), Golam Mostafa Sentu (BTF), Mohiuddin Majhi (IAB);
Munshiganj 2:
Abdus Sattar Molla (IAB), Shagupta Yasmin Emili (AL), Mizanur Rahman Sinha (BNP);
Munshiganj 3:
M Idris Ali (AL), Mujibur Rahman (JP), M Shamsul Islam (BNP), Nazmunnahar Baby (JP), M Ibrahim Bepari (BTF), Omar Faruque Liton (IAB), M Nurul Islma (PDP), M Milton Hossian (JSD), Liakat Ali Khan (BIF), Sheikh M Kamal Hossain (CPB).
Dhaka 1:
Abdul Mannan Khan (AL), Abdul Mannan (BNP), Khandoker Ali Abbas (RWP), Md Mizanur Rahman Milon (IAB), Moktar Hossain (ZP), Sudhir Kumar Hazra (PDP);
Dhaka 2:
Quamrul Islam (AL), Matiur Rahman (BNP), Amanullah Aman (BNP), Md Fazlul Haque (BDB), Ahmed Ali Sheikh (Gana Front), Md Jasimuddin (ZP), Md Mubinul Haque (BKP), Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari (BTF), Ruhul Amin (IAB);
Dhaka 3:
Nasrul Hamid Bipu (AL), Gayeshwar Chandra Roy (BNP), Kaiser Alam Tapu (ZP), Md Sultan Ahmed Khan (IAB), Md Fakrul Islam (BKA);
Dhaka 4:
Sanjida Khanam (AL), Abdul Hye (BNP), Makbul Ahmed Muktar (BNAP), Md A Malek (BKA), Md Amir Khan (ONA), Mohahmmad Motiur Rahman (BTF), Md Lutfar Rahman (Ind), Md Shafiqur Rahamn (BKP), Md Shafar Ali (GF), Rashid Ahmed Ferdous (IAB), Sanjida Khanm (AL);
Dhaka 5:
Syed Abu Hossain Babla (JP), Salahuddin Ahmed (BNP), ATM Hemayet Uddin (IAB), Zamir Ahmed (BKP), Zulfikar Ali (BSD), Nazma Aktar (BKSJL), Mazedur Rahman Khan (Ind), Minhazuddin Ahmed (GP), Md Abdur Rashid Sarker (BNAP), Md Abu Barkat Siddique Khan (ZP), Md Abdul Hossain (BKA), Md Waliullah Patwari (JSD), Md Khalequzzaman Chowdhury (PDP), Md Shafar Ali (GF), Md Sanwar Hossain (BTF), Habibur Rahman (AL);
Dhaka 6:
Mijanur Rahman Khan Dipu (AL), Sadeque Hossain Khoka (BNP), AQM Badruddoza (BDB), M Ahsan Atik (BTF), Shamser Ali Talukder (KSJL), Md Monowar Khan (IAB);
Dhaka 7:
Mostofa Jalal Mohiuddin (AL), Nasiruddin Ahmed Pintu (BNP), Azmeri Begum Chhanda (BDB), M Ibrahim Adil Khan (BKP), Md Zafaratullah Khan (BKA), Md Yahyia Ahmed (Ind), Md Nurul Amin (IAB), Md Monirul Islam Shikder (BJP), Md Mostofa Mahmud (BNAP), Mohammad Rahim (BKSJL), Sharafat Ali Hira (GP), Sarwar Hossain (JP), Shayeda Amir (GF);
Dhaka 8:
Rashed Khan Menon (WP), Habibun Nabi Khan Sohel (BNP), AKM Erfan Khan (IAB), Kazi Mominul Haque (BJP), Nasrin Anwar (Ind), Noor Alam Bikkhato (Gana Front), Majibur Rahman Hamidi (BKA), Md Abdul Bari (Ind), Md Razequzzaman (BSD), Md Shafiqul Islam (BDB), Md Asaduzzaman Zakir (JSD), Syed Md Ibrahim (BKP);
Dhaka 9:
Saber Hossain Chowdhury (AL), Shirin Sultana (BNP), Abdur Rashid Gazi (BKA), Krishak M Sadeque (Gana Front), Zulekha Haque Mridha (GF), Nisar Uddin Ahmed Kajal (BDB), Md Rahmat Ullah (BJP), Md Imam Hossain (BSD), Md Nurul Absar (JSD), Md Fazlul Haque Mridha (IAB), Sadek Ahmed Khan (BKP), Harun-or Rashid (NPP);
Dhaka 10:
AKM Rahmatullah (AL), MA Qaiyum (BNP), Mozammel Haque (Ind), Abu Saud (LDP), SM Ismail (KSJL), Md Shahidullah Kazi (BKA), Md Habibur Rahman (JSD), Mozammel Haque (Ind), Abdul Zalil (IAB);
Dhaka 11:
Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal (AL), Mohammad Shahabuddin (BNP), Sayeed Hossain Chowdhury (Ind), Abdul Mannan (BDB), Gazi Md Abdul Baset (IAB), Tahera Begum Jolly (BSD), Md Rahmatullah (BJP), Md Kamaluddin Patwary (JSD);
Dhaka 12:
Fazley Noor Taposh (AL), Khandakar Mahbubuddin Ahmed (BNP), Abul Kalam Azad (JSD), Nurun Nahar Habib (GF), Md A Awal (IAB), Md Afzal Hossain Bachchu (Ind), Bahrane Sultan Bahar (RWP), Shahidul Islam Khan (ONA);
Dhaka 13:
Jahangir Kabir Nanak (AL), Syed Moazzem Hossain Alal (BNP), Ahsan Habib (CPB), Nader Chowdhury (JSD), Md Nasim Khan (IAB), Md Mahbub-e Rashid Chowdhury (BKA), Md Manzur Rahman Nezami (BSD), Syed Md Ibrahim (BKP);
Dhaka 14:
Md Aslamul Huq (AL), SA Khaleq (BNP), Ferdousi Sultan (GF), Md Kaisar Hamid (ZP), Md Harun-or Rashid (IAB), Salahuddin Swapan (BKP), Syed Nazibul Boshor Maizbhandari (BTF);
Dhaka 15:
Kamal Ahmed Majumder (AL), retired wing commander Hamidullah Khan (BNP) Abdul Kader (Ind), Ahmed Sajedul Haque (CPB), HM Golam Reza (JP), Mufti Tajul Islam (IAB), Fayekuzzaman (JSD), Sheikh Shawkat Hossain Nilu (NPP), Syed Rezaul Haque Chandpuri (BTF);
Dhaka 16:
Ilias Uddin Mollah (AL), Rafiqul Islam Mia (BNP), Abdul Mannan Aziz (IAB), Kazi Faruque Ahmed (ONA), Mir Mosharaf Hossain Chowdhury (BSD), Md Amanat Hossain (JP), Md Mahfuzur Rahman (BDB), Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizbhandari (BTF);
Dhaka 17:
HM Ershad (JP), retired brigadier general ASM Hannan Shah (BNP), Imtiaz Mahmud (ONA), MA Rashid (JSD), Alauddin Ahmed (AL), Md Shahidullah Kazi (BKA), Md Shamsul Haque (IAB), Saleh Ahmed (KSJL), Syed Md Ibrahim (BKP);
Dhaka 18:
Sahara Khatun (AL), Azizul Bari Helal (BNP), Abu Ahmed Zahirul Islam (Ind), AH Mostofa Kamal (BTF), retired major Amin Ahmed Afsari (GF), Md Amanullah Sikder (Gana Front), Md Fariduddin Dewan (IAB), Md Liakat Hossain (JSD), Md Shahidullah Kazi (BKA), Sheikh Shahiduzzaman (BKP);
Dhaka 19:
Talukder Md Tauhid Jang Murad (AL), Dewan Mohammad Salahuddin (BNP), Md Abu Yusuf Khan (BKSJL), Lina Chakrabarti (CPB), Ibrahim (IAB);
Dhaka 20:
Benezir Ahmed (AL), Ziaur Rahman Khan (BNP), MA Mannan (JSD).
Gazipur 1:
AKM Mojammal Huq (AL), Chowdhury Tanvir Ahmed Siddiqui (BNP); SM Muijubur Rahman (ONA), Osman Ali (JSD), M Abdul Khaquil (BTF), M Rafiqul Islam (GF), Salma Rahman (NPP), Md Shafiuddin (BKSJL);
Gazipur 2:
Zahid Ahsan Russell (AL), Hasan Uddin Sarkar (BNP), Md Ziaul Kabir (CPB), Sheikh Md Kazi Masud-ul Alam (BKSJL), Kazi Md Sakawat Ullah (IAB), Nazimuddin Ahmed (LDP), Syed Abu Duad Machhnabi Haidar (BTF), Nasir Uddin Khan (JUIB), Md Abdul Kaiyum (JSD);
Gazipur 3:
Md Rahmat Ali (AL), MA Mannan (BNP), Ahmed Ali (Zaker Party), Iqbal Siddiqui (BKSJL), AKH Nazir Ahmed Muktar (BKP), Jahirul Islam (JSD), Syed Abu Daud Machhnabi Haidar (BTF), Md Azibur Rahman (BDB);
Gazipur 4:
Tanjim Ahmed Sohel (AL), Abdul Majid (BNP); Azhar Hossain Khan (IAB), Ashraf Hossain Sarker (NPP), Farida Yasmin (Ind), Mahmudul Alam Khan Benu (Ind), Md Mostafizur Rahman Mostofa (JP);
Gazipur 5:
Meher Afroz Chumki (AL), AKM Fazlul Haque Milon (BNP), Azizul Haque Kanchan (GP), ANM Muniruzzaman (ZP), Md Atiqur Rahaman Bhuiyan (BKSJL), retired major Amin Ahmed Afsary (GF), Md Monir Hossain (Ind), Richard R Fraser (Ind), Sarwar Khan (BJP).
Narsingdi 1:
Nazrul Islam Heru (AL), Khairul Kabir Khokan (BNP), Ashrafur Rahman (IAB), Md Zakir Hossain (Gana Front), Shahiduzzaman Chowdhury (GF);
Narsingdi 2:
Anwarul Ashraf Khan (AL), Abdul Moyeen Khan (BNP), Mohsin Ahmed (IAB), SM Altaf Hossain (GF), Zahedul Karim (JSD);
Narsingdi 3:
Zahirul Haque Mohan (AL), Tofazzal Hossain Master (BNP), Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan (Ind), AKM Zaglul Haider Afrik (GF), Md Altaf Hossain (NPP), Md Haridul Haque (IAB), Md Abdul Baten Sarker (PDP), Md Hossain Mollah (BNAP);
Narsingdi 4:
Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun (AL), retired lieutenant colonel Jainal Abedin (BNP), retired brigadier general Mahmud Hasan (JP), Kazi Ashraf Ali (IAB), Kazi Sazzad Zahir Chandan (CPB), Md Ashraf Ali (GF), Md Owez Uddin (ZF), Sanaul Haque Niru (BDB), Md Shamsuzzaman (BKA);
Narsingdi 5:
Rajiuddin Ahmed Raju (AL), Jamal Ahmed Chowdhury (BNP), Omar Faruk (NAP), Farida Yasmin (GF).
Narayanganj 1:
Gazi Golam Dastgir (AL), Kazi Moniruzzaman (BNP), Abdul Hye (BTF), Elias Ahmed (CPB), Jahangir Alam (JSD), Firoz Mahmud (NPP), Md Abdul Wahab Miah (BNAP), Md Syed Ahmmed (IAB), Humayun Kabir (GF);
Narayanganj 2:
Nazrul Islam Babu (AL), Badruzzaman Khan Khasru (BNP), Emdadul Haque Bhuiyan (Ind), Md Habibullah (IAB);
Narayanganj 3:
Abdullah-Al Kaiser (AL), Rezaul Karim (BNP), Zahurul Islam (JSD), Zia Haider (CPB), Md Atikur Rahman Nanlu Munshi (IAB), Md Mujibur Rahman Manik (BTF);
Narayanganj 4:
Sara Begum Kabari Sarwar (AL), Shah Alam (BNP), Mahbubur Rahman Ismail (JSD), MA Latif Mazumder (Gana Front), Md Shafiqul Islam (IAB);
Narayanganj 5:
Nasim Osman (JP), Abul Kalam (BNP), Abu Nayeem Khan Biplob (JSD), SM Akram (AL), Zahid Bahar Shiplu (BTF), Montu Chandra Ghosh (CPB), Md Zahiduddin (GF), Md Delwar Hossain (BDB).
Rajbari 1:
Kazi Keramat Ali (AL), Ali Newaz Mahmud Khaiyam (BNP), Asaduzzaman Selim (BTF), SM Shafiqul Islam (BKP), Md Ali Zaker Shamseri Dablu Mollah (ZP), Habibur Rahman (BKA);
Rajbari 2:
Zillul Hakim (AL), Nasirul Haque Sabu (BNP), Md Nazrul Islam (ZP).
Faridpur 1:
Md Abdur Rahman (AL), Shah Mohammad Abu Jafar (BNP), Kazi Shirazul Islam (Ind-BNP rebel) SM Kaiser Rahman Sharif (GF), Md Kamruzzaman Mridha (BKA), Md Hafizur Rahman (IAB);
Faridpur 2:
Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury (AL), Shama Obaid (BNP), Md Rafiquzzaman (CPB);
Faridpur 3:
Khandakar Mossaraf Hossain (AL), Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojahid (Jamaat), Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf (Ind), Khandader Wahiduzzaman (IAB), Bishwajit Kumar Ganguli (GF);
Faridpur 4:
Nilufar Zafarullah (AL), Mostafa Amir Faisal (ZP), Shah Alam Reza (BNP), AKM Saifur Rashid (JP), Md Shamsuddin (IAB), Md Shamsul Karim (Ind).
Gopalganj 1:
retired colonel Faruq Khan (AL), Selimuzzaman Mollah Selim (BNP), Md Ruhul Amin (IAB);
Gopalganj 2:
Sheikh Fazlul Karim Selim (AL), Md Sirajul Islam Siraj (BNP);
Gopalganj 3:
Sheikh Hasina (AL), SM Jilani (BNP), SM Afzal Hossain (BKP).
Madaripur 1:
Nur-e Alam Chowdhury Liton (AL), Abdullah Mohammad Hasan (IOJ), Abul Kalam Azad (IAB), Kalam Jamal Mollah (Ind), Nasir Ahmed Chowdhury (Ind), Md Habibur Rahman (Ind);
Madaripur 2:
Shajahan Khan (AL), Helen Zerin Khan (BNP), Md A Malek (IAB),
Madaripur 3:
Syed Abul Hossain (AL), Habibur Rahman Azad (BNP), Tasnim Rana (Ind), Shahidul Islam Howlader (Ind), Syed Belayet Hossain (IAB).
Shariatpur 1:
BM Mozammel Haque (AL), Shahidul Haq Sikdar (BNP), Mobarak Ali Sikder (Ind), Mollah Giasuddin Ahmed (ZP);
Shariatpur 2:
retired colonel Shawkat Ali (AL), Shafiqur Rahman Kiran (BNP);
Shariatpur 3:
Abdur Razzak (AL), AKM Hemayet Ullah Aurangazeb (BNP), Md Manik Miah (IAB).

Chittagong Division:

Brahmanbaria 1:
Mohammad Saydul Huq (AL), SAK Ekramuzzaman (BNP), Md Islamuddin (BIF);
Brahmanbaria 2:
Ziaul Huq Mridha (JP), Fazlul Haque Amini (IOJ-BNP), Kamal Ahmed (AL), Taimur Reza Md Shahjad (JSD), Omar Ali (BNAP), Sharif Uddin (CPB), A Halim (Ind), Abdul Hamid (IAB);
Brahmanbaria 3:
Zahirul Haque Chowdhury (Ind), Niazul Karim (IAB), Borhan Uddin Ahmed (PDP), Md Rezaul Islam Bhuiyan (JP), Md Selim Kabir (ZP), Md Farid Ahmed (GF), Lutful Hye Sachchu (AL), Haroon-Al-Rashid (BNP);
Brahmanbaria 4:
Khondaker Hefzur Rahman (BDB), Mushfiqur Rahman (BNP), Musleh Uddin Bhuiyan (IAB), Md Tazul Islam Akhtari (BKA), Md Ishaque (IFB), Md Nazrul Islam (BKP), Md Shah Alam (AL), Md Selim (JP), Sheikh Md Badrul Alam (JSD);
Brahmanbaria 5:
AK Delwar Hossain (Ind), Kazi Md Anwar Hossain (BNP), Faizur Rahman (AL), Md Mushfiqur Rahman (Ind), Md Sharif Uddin (IAB), Shah Zikrul Ajmed (JSD) and Sabera Begum (BDP);
Brahmanbaria 6:
Abdul Khaleq (BNP), AB Tajul Islam (AL), KM Zabir (JSD), Golam Mostafa Kamal (GF) and Dewan Ferdousur Rahman (BDB).
Comilla 1:
Al Amin (IAB), Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain (BNP), Maulana Sultan Mahiuddin (BKA), Md Abdus Sattar (Ind), Md Hazrat Ali Khan (ZP), Md Subid Ali Bhuiyan (AL);
Comilla 2:
MK Anwar (BNP), Md Abdul Majid (AL), Md Golam Mostafa (PDP), Md Monwar Hossain (Ind), Md Rafiqul Islam (IAB), Md Mostafizur Rahman (JP);
Comilla 3:
Kazi Shah Mofazzal Hossain Kaikobad (BNP), Quamrul Hasan (BDB), Jahangir Alam (AL), Majibur Rahman (IAB), Md Kamal Uddin Bhuiyan (Gana Front), Md Nure Alam (JSD), Md Morshed Hyder (NPP), Sohel Nirjhar (JP);
Comilla 4:
Abdul Malek Ratan (JSD), Abdul Farah Md A Aziz (BKA), ABM Golam Mostafa (AL), Md Faizur Rahman (IAB), Md Roshon Ali (Ind) and Mazeda Ahsan Munshi (BNP);
Comilla 5:
Abdul Matin Khasru (AL), ALM Alauddin Bhuiyan (BNP), Abdullah Al Mamun (Ind), Md Abul Bashar (Ind), Md Farid Uddin (Gana Front), Md Shah Uddin (Ind), Sheikh Abdul Baten (GF), Sazeda Arif (Ind);
Comilla 6:
AKM Bahauddin (AL), Masud Ahmed (IAB), Md Oli Ahmed (BIF), Md Aminur Rashid Yasin (BNP); Sahidur Rahman Tamanna (BKP);
Comilla 7:
Md Ali Ashraf (AL), Wali Ullah (BKM), Mehnaj Rashid Khondaker (Ind), Md Abul Kalam (IAB), Md Khorshed Alam (BNP), Md Mahiudin Mian (JSD), Redwan Ahmed (LDP);
Comilla 8:
Zakaria Taher (BNP), Zobairul Islam (Ind), Nasimul Alam Chowdhury (AL), Md Abdul Latif (NAP), Md Delwar Hossain Sarker (IAB), Saifur Rahman Tapan (BSD); Syed Rezaul Haque Chandpuri (BTF);
Comilla 9:
M Anwarul Azim (BNP), Md Aiyub Ali (Ind), Md Ismail (BKA), Md Tajul Islam (AL), Mostaq Hossain (BKP); Selim Mahmud (IAB);
Comilla 10:
AHM Mostofa Kamal (Lotus Kamal) (AL), M Ohidur Rahman (NPP), Zamirul Akhter (LDP), Md Abdul Gafur Bhuiyan (BNP); Md Gaziul Haque Mazumder (IAB);
Comilla 11:
Syed Abdullah Mohammad Taher (Jamaat), Md Kamal Uddin Bhuiyan (IAB); Md Mujibul Haque (AL).
Chandpur 1:
ANM Ehsanul Hoque Milan (BNP), AKSM Shahidul Islam (JP), Mir Md Iqbal Hossain (AL), Md Abdul Haque (BIF), Mohammad Azad Hossain (GF); Hazi Md Muslim (IAB);
Chandpur 2:
Mufti Mukhter Hussain (IAB), Md Abu Bakar Siddique (GF), Md Jalal Uddin (Ind), Md Nurul Huda (BNP), Md Billal Hossain (LDP), Md Rafiqul Islam (AL); Mohammad Jahirul Islam (Gana Front);
Chandpur 3:
GM Fazlul Haque (BNP), Dipu Moni (AL), Muhammad Hossain Akand (BKA), Md Nurul Amin (IAB), Md Mizanur Rahman (BTF), Shahjahan Talukder (BSD), Selim Akbar (GF);
Chandpur 4:
Alamgir Hossain Dulal (BSD), Maqbul Hossain (IAB), Muhammad Shafiqur Rahman (AL), Md Matiul Islam Miazi (BIF), Md Mahiuddin (Ind);
Chandpur 5:
Golam Mohammad Ali (BTF), Rafiqual Islam (AL), Mohammad Noman (GF), Md Mominul Haque (BNP); Hosam Hyder Patwari (BKSJL).
Feni 1:
Faiz Ahmed (AL), Khaleda Zia (BNP), Mohammad Ilias Zakaria (BDB), Rafiqul Islam Patwari (BIF); Rezaul Karim Shamim (BSD);
Feni 2:
Ibrahim Khalilullah Sharifi (BKA), Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury (AL), Kazi Momenul Haque (BJP), Zainal Abedin (BNP) and Haradhan Chakrabarti (BSD);
Feni 3:
Anwarul Kabir (JP), Abdul Malek Munsur (BSD), Abdur Razzak (IAB), Zahirul Haque (NAP), Muhammad Mosharraf Hossain (BNP), Abul Bashar (AL) and Sayeed Hossain Chowdhury (Ind).
Noakhali 1:
polls suspended;
Noakhali 2:
Jainal Abedin Faruk (BNP), Jamal Uddin Ahmed (AL), Noor Islam (JSD) and Mohammad Momin Ullah (BJP);
Noakhali 3:
Nazir Ahmed (IAB), Minhaz Ahmed (Ind), Md Barkat Ullah Bulu (BNP), Md Mamunur Rashid Kiran (Ind), Lutfunahar Munni (AL);
Noakhali 4:
Abdul Mannan (BDB), Abdul Hannan (IAB), Khalidun Amin (Ind), Golam Akbar (CPB), Iktiar Uddin (ZP), Md Daliler Rahman (BSD), Md Shahjahan (BNP); Mohammad Eakramul Karim Chowdhury (AL);
Noakhali 5:
Enayet Ullah Siddiqui (Ind), Obaidul Kader (AL); Moudud Ahmed (BNP);
Noakhali 6:
Anwar Hossain (WP), Ayesha Ferdaus (Ind), Md Ahsanul Kader (Ind), Md Nurul Absar (Ind), Muhammad Fazlul Azim (Ind); Shakhawat Hossain (BNP).
Lakshmipur 1:
Abu Sayed Mohan (JSD), Nazim Uddin Ahmed (BNP), Md Aminul Haque Tipu (BTF), Md Shahjahan (AL), Md Amin Ullah (BKSJL), Mosharraf Hossain (NPP); Md Abdul Kabir (IAB);
Lakshmipur 2:
AHM Jahir Hossain Hakim (NPP), Mesbah Uddin Jahangir (JP), Md Abul Khair Bhuiyan (BNP), Mohammad Ali Khokan (Ind), Shah Ahmed Badal (BDB), Shahjahan Patwari (IAB), Altaf Hossain Mollah (BKA); Harunur Rashid (AL);
Lakshmipur 3:
Md A Hasem (AL), Md Mahfuzur Rahman Amini (IAB), Md Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie (BNP), Md Shamsuddin (LDP);
Lakshmipur 4:
ASM Abdur Rab (JSD-Rab), Abdur Rob Chowdhury (AL), Abdur Razzak Chowdhury (BJP), Abdul Mannan (BDB), ABM Ashraf Uddin Nizan (BNP); Khaled Saifullah (IAB).
Chittagong 1:
Abu Salek (Ind), Moshraf Hossain (AL), MDM Kamal Uddin Chowdhury (BNP), Md Yusup (BKP); Safiul Alam (BSD);
Chittagong 2:
ATM Peyarul Islam (AL), Md Liakat Ali Chowdhury (GF), Salauddin Quader Chowdhury (BNP);
Chittagong 3:
ABM Abul Kasem (AL), Kazi Md Yusuf Alam (NPP), Md Masiud Doula (CPB), Mhammad Aslam Chowdhury (BNP);
Chittagong 4:
Anisul Islam Mahmud (JP), Md Zafar Alam Chowdhury (Ind), Mosaher Uddin Bakhtiar (BIF), Mohammad Rafique (IAB), Syed Wahidul Alam (BNP);
Chittagong 5:
ABM Fazley Karim Chowdhury (AL), Gias Uddin Quader Chowdhury (BNP);
Chittagong 6:
Hasan Mahmud (AL), Salauddin Quader Chowdhury (BNP);
Chittagong 7:
AAM Hyder Ali Chowdhury (JP), Abdus Salam (AL), Abul Mansur (BIF), Ershad Ullah (BNP), Mainuddin Khan Badal (JSD-Inu), Mahbub Alam (Ind), Md Abdur RAhim Mollah (IAB), Md Nurul Islam (Ind);
Chittagong 8:
Enamul Haque Enam (NAP), Tapan Chakrabarti (Jagpa), Nurul Islam BSc (AL), Muhammad Rafiqul Alam (IAB), Md Shafi Uddin Kabir (BSD), Muhammad Nurul Islam Jehadi (BIF), Muhammad Shamsul Alam (BNP);
Chittagong 9:
Abdullah Al-Noman (BNP), Md Afsarul Amin (AL), Md Yunus Mollah (IAB), Morshed Murad Ibrahim (JP), Mohammad Manzur Alam (Ind), Shahdat Hossain Majumder (BDB);
Chittagong 10:
Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury (BNP), Ahmed Nabi Chowdhury (BDB), M Abdul Latif (AL), Moyeed Uddin Chowdhury (Ind), Md Jane Alam (GF), Md Mohin Uddin (BSD), Md Shahjada Alam (BKP), Mohammad Lokman (IAB), Jahangir Alam Chowdhury (Ind);
Chittagong 11:
AFM Shah Alam (CPB), Gazi Md Manzurul Karim (BIF), Gazi Mohammad Shahjahan (BNP), Chandra Shekhar Nath (NAP), Saifuddin Mohammad Yunus (BSD), Shamsul Haque Chowdhury (AL);
Chittagong 12:
Aktaruzzaman Chowdhury (AL), Ujjwal Bhowmick (GF), MA Matin (BIF), Rashidul Haque BSc (BKA), Sarwar Jamal Nizam (BNP);
Chittagong 13:
Afsar Uddin Ahmed (AL), Oli Ahmed (LDP), Mridul Barua (RWP), Md Golam Ishaq Khan (BKP), Muhammad Akteruzzaman (NPP), Mohammad Mizanul Haque Chowdhury (BNP), Shah Khalilur Rahman Nizami (BIF);
Chittagong 14:
ANM Shamsul Islam (Jamaat), Abdul Momen Chowdhury (GF), AKM Serajul Islam Chowdhury (AL), Enamul Haque Chowdhury (BKP), Oli Ahmed (LDP);
Chittagong 15:
Zafrul Islam Chowdhury (BNP), Md Sultanul Kabir Chowdhury (AL), Md Azizul Rahman Aziz (BIF), Ranajit Kumar Shikder (GF);
Chittagong 16:
Mahfuzur Rahman (Ind), Md Jamal Uddin Chowdhury (Ind), Md Didarul Mawla (IAB), Mostafa Kamal Pasha (BNP).
Cox’s Bazar 1:
Md Iftekhar Uddin (NPP), Rafiqul Ahsan (BSD), Salauddin Ahmed (AL), Hasina Ahmed (BNP);
Cox’s Bazar 2:
Ansarul Karim (AL), AHM Hamidur Rahman Azad (Jamaat), Golam Mawla (Gana Front), Md Solaiman (IOJ), Mohammad Ilias (ZP);
Cox’s Bazar 3:
RAM Ismail Faruque (BKP), Syed Ullah Azad (FP), Mostaque Ahmed Chowdhury (AL), Md Shahiduzzaman (Ind), Lutfur Rahman Kajal (BNP), Saiful Islam Chowdhury (GF), Saimum Sarwar Kamol (AL);
Cox’s Bazar 4:
Abdur Rahman Badi (AL), Moahammad Ali (AL) Shahjahan Chowdhury (BNP), Shahin Akhter (Ind).

CHT (Chitagong Hill Tracks) constituencies:

Arun Shanti Chakma (NAP), Ujjwal Smriti Chakma (Ind), Zahed Ahmed (BSD), Progyabir Chakma (PDP), Pradip Kumar Mutsuddi (ZP), Md Zahedul Alam (Ind), Md Daudul Islam Bhuiyan (Ind), Jyotindra Lal Tripura (AL), Samiran Dewan (BNP);
Alo Rani Aich (BDB), Ushatan Talukder (Ind), Jamir Uddin Kabir (Ind), Dipankar Talukder (AL), Maitri Chakma (BNP);
KS Maung (Ind), Chhotan Kanti Tanchaingya (Ind), Bir Bahadur (AL), Saching Pru Jerry (BNP).

Sylhet Division:

Sunamganj 1:
Mozammel Hossain Ratan (AL), Rafique Chowdhury (BNP), Nozir Hossain (Ind);
Sunamganj 2:
Suranjit Sengupta (AL), Md Nasir Chowdhury (BNP);
Sunamganj 3:
MA Mannan (AL), Md Shahinur Pasha Chowdhury (JUIB), Md Ishaq Amini (KM), Saidur Rahman Chowdhury Rupa (LDP);
Sunamganj 4:
Begum Momtaj Iqbal (JP), Shahinur Pasha Chowdhury (JUIB), Nozir Hossain (Ind), Dewan Shamsul Abedin (Ind), Md Azizul Haque (KM) Md Fazlul Haque Achhpia (BNP);
Sunamganj 5:
Muhibur Rahman Manik (AL), Kalim Uddin Ahmad (BNP), Md Abdul Wadud (NAP).
Sylhet 1:
Abul Maal Abdul Muhith (AL), M Saifur Rahman (BNP); Mohammad Nasir Uddin (BKA), Ujjwal Roy (BSD), Md Kahir Mahmood (BKP), Jalaluddin (BIF), Mohammad Shafique (JSD);
Sylhet 2:
Shafiqur Rahman Chowdhury (AL), M Elias Ali (BNP), Mahbubur Rahman Chowdhury (BDB), Mokhlisur Rahman (JSD), Md. Ahmed Ali Helali (BIF), Abdur Rahman (BKA);
Sylhet 3:
Atiqur Rahman Atiq (JP), Shafi Ahmed Chowdhury (BNP), Mahmud-us Samad Chowdhury (AL), Syed Habibur Rahman (JSD);
Sylhet 4:
Imran Ahmed (AL), Dildar Hossain Selim (BNP), Nasrin R Karim (JP), Helal Uddin (BKP);
Sylhet 5:
Hafiz Ahmed Majumder (AL), Farid Uddin Chowdhury (Jamaat), Kutubuddin Ahmed Shikdar (Ind), Zobaer Ahmed Chowdhury (Ind), Oliur Rahman (BKSJL), Ubaidullah Faruque (JUIB);
Sylhet 6:
Nurul Islam Nahid (AL), Habibur Rahman (Jamaat), Syed Maqbul Hossain (Ind), Ohid Uddin (BDB), Shamsuddin (JUIB), Sharafuddin Khasru (PDP).
Moulvibazar 1:
Shahab Uddin (AL), Ebadur Rahman Chowdhury (BNP); Anwarul Islam (Ind);
Moulvibazar 2:
MM Shahin (Ind), Nawab Abbas Ali Khan (JP), Badruddin (KM), Md Achhkir Mian (BML);
Moulvibazar 3:
Alaur Rahman Fuluri (JSD), Mamunur Rashid (BSD), Syed Mohsin Ali (AL), M Saifur Rahman (BNP), Shamim Afzal (Ind), Syed Abu Zafar Ahmed (CPB),
Moulvibazar 4:
Abdul Muhit Hasani (BIF), MA Malek (JSD), Pankaj Alyoseus Kanda (Ind), Md Abdus Shahid (AL), Mujibur Rahman Chowdhury (BNP).
Habiganj 1:
Dewan Farid Gazi (AL), Sheikh Sujat Mia (BNP), Dewan Syed Md Abdul Ahad Chowdhury (GF), Nezamuddin (BKM), Junaed Mian (BSD), Nezam Uddin (KM);
Habiganj 2:
Afsar Ahmed (Ind), Abed Ali Chowdhury (JP), AM Shakhawat Hassan Jibon (BNP), Manmohan Debnath (BKSJL), Abdur Rob Yusufi (KM), Abdul Awal Chowdhury Uaisi (JUIB), Abdul Majid Khan (AL), Kamrul Islam Chowdhury (BSD);
Habiganj 3:
Abu Lais Md Mubin Chowdhury (BNP), GK Moshahid (BDB), Saidur Rahman (BNAP), Md Shahidul Islam (BIF), Abu Zahir (AL), Abdul Karim (IAB),Nurul Haque (KSJL);
Habiganj 4:
Enamul Haque (AL), SM Faisal (BNP), Muslim Khan (BIF), Jashim Uddin Chowdhury (ZP).

Khulna Division:

Meherpur 1:
Samiruddin (Jamaat), Abul Kalam Kasemi (IAB), Zainal Abedin (AL), Masud Arun (BNP);
Meherpur 2:
Amiruddin Ahmed (BDB), Moqbul Hossain (AL), Amzad Hossain (BNP).
Kushtia 1:
Afazuddin Ahmed (AL), Altaf Hossain (BNP), Ashraf Siddiqui (JSD), Ruhul Amin (IAB), Hafizur Rahman (BTF);
Kushtia 2:
Abdul Khaleq (Ind), Abdus Salam (IAB), Ahsan Habib Linkon (Ind), Mahbubul Alam Hafin (AL), Shahinul Islam Nayeb (Ind), Hasanul Huq Inu (JSD), Shahidul Islam (BNP);
Kushtia 3:
Khondokar Rashiduzzaman Dudu (AL), Abu Muzaffar (BDB), Abu Ahad Al Manum (NPP), Rahad Ali Bishwas (IAB), Shafiur Rahman Shafi (BSD), Sheikh Matiar Rahman (FP), Md Sohrab Uddin (BNP);
Kushtia 4:
Abdul Awal Mia (JP), Syed Mehedi Ahmed Rumi (BNP), Nazmul Ashraf (ZP), Mostafizur Rahman (IAB), Sultana Tarun (AL).
Chuadanga 1:
Asaduzzman Sardar (IAB), Solaiman Haque Joarder Salun (AL), Wahidul Alam Biswas (BNP), Idirs Chowdhury (NPP);
Chuadanga 2:
Abdul Latif Khan (ZP), Ali Asgar Tagor (AL), Habibur Rahman (Jamaat).
Jhenaidah 1:
Saidur Rahman (Ind), Abdul Hye (AL), Abdul Wahab (BNP), Kazi Rezaul Karim (IAB), Golam Mostafa (BDB);
Jhenaidah 2:
Rehana Aktar Hira (JSD) Safiqul Islam Apu (AL), Mashiur Rahman (BNP), Mizanur Rahman Mizu (PDP), Sharafat Hossain Joardar (IAB);
Jhenaidah 3:
Shafiqual Azam Khan Chancal (AL), Abdul Mannan (Ind), Sarwar Hossain (IAB), Nabi Newaz (AL), Shahidul Islam Mastar (BNP), Matiar Rahman (Jamaat), Sajjatuz Jumma (Ind);
Jhenaidah 4:
Kamrul Hasan (NPP), Abdul Mannan (AL), Abdus Salam (RWP), Nur Uddin Ahmed (ONA), Shahiduzzaman Beltu (BNP).
Jessore 1:
Nur Hossain (Ind), Sheikh Afil Uddin (AL), Azizur Rahman (Jamaat);
Jessore 2:
Mostofa Faruque (AL), Abu Syed Md Shadat Hussain (Jamaat), ATM Enamul Huq (BNAP), Asaduzzman (IAB);
Jessore 3:
Kazi Ali Haider (JSD), Khaledur Rahman Tito (AL), Tariqul Islam (BNP), Ahsan Kabir (Ind), Ilahdad Khan (CPB);
Jessore 4:
Nazimuddin Al Azad (Ind), M Ishaq (PDP), Ranjit Roy (AL), TH Ayub (BNP);
Jessore 5:
Masud Rana Hafiz (JSD), Khan Tipu Sultan (AL), Mufti Muhammad Wakkas (JUIB), Ibadul Islam Khalasi (IAB);
Jessore 6:
Sheih Abdul Wahab (AL), Abul Hossain Azad (BNP), Kazi Shafiqul Islam (PDP).
Magura 1:
AN Kamaluddin Mostafa (LDP), Hasan Siraj (JP), Serajul Akbar (AL), Iqbal Akhtar (BNP), Moinuddin Ahmed (IAB);
Magura 2:
Mostafa Kamal (IAB), Biren Sikder (AL), Nitai Roy Chowdhury (BNP).
Narail 1:
Gazi Ashraful Alam (JP), Dhirendra Nath Saha (Ind), Bimal Biswas (WP), Biswas Jahangir Alam (BNP), Ayub Hossian Mina (IAB), Kabirul Huq (Ind);
Narail 2:
AZM Fariduzzman (NPP), Emranuzzman (BKM), SM Nasiruddin (IAB), Sheikh Abu Baker (AL), Dilip Kumar Adhikari (LDP), Sharif Khasruzzman (BNP).
Bagerhat 1:
Liakat Ali (IAB), Sheikh Shawkat Hossain (NPP), Sheikh Hasina (AL), Sheikh Wahiduzzaman Dipu (BNP);
Bagerhat 2:
Mir Swokat Ali Badsha (AL), MA Salam (BNP), AM Sidur Rahman (LDP), Jalaludin Howlader (IAB);
Bagerhat 3:
Habibur Nahar Khaleque (AL), Abdul Wadud Sheikh (Jamaat), Mozammel Huq (IAB), Sekandar Ali Moni (Gana Front);
Bagerhat 4:
Abdul Majid Howledr (IAB) Mojammel Hossain (AL), Shahidul Islam (Jamaat).
Khulna 1:
Nani Gopal Mandol (AL), Amir Ejaj Khan (BNP), Abu Sayeed (IAB), SK Zakir Hossain (NPP);
Khulna 2:
ABM Nurul Alam (JSD), Ibrahim Adil Khan (BKP), SM Arif Billah (IAB), Kazi Faruque (ONA), Miznur Rahman Mizan (AL), Nazrul Islam Manju (BNP), Fazlur Rahman (BNAP), Sk Zakir Hossain (NPP);
Khulna 3:
Abdul Gaffar Biswas (JP), SM Jahangir Mia (BKA), Kazi Shah Sekandar Ali Dalim (BNP), Gazi Nur Ahmed (IAB), Begum Munnujan Sufian (AL), Sheikh Zahidul Islam (BML);
Khulna 4:
Yunus Ahmed Sheikh (IAB) Wazir Ali Moral (BML), Mollah Jalal Uddin (AL), Sharif Shah Kamal Taj (BNP);
Khulna 5:
Kazi Faruque Ahmed (ONA), Narayan Chandra Chanda (AL), Bidur Kanti Biswash (BDB), Mia Ghulam Parwar (Jamaat), Sheikh Zamil Ahmed (IAB);
Khulna 6:
AKM Rezaul Karim (IAB), Nepal Krishna Das (BDB), Sohrab Ali Sana (AL), Shah Mohammad Ruhul Quddus (Jamaat).
Satkhira 1:
FM Asadul Huq (IAB), Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (AL), Habibul Islam Habib (BNP);
Satkhira 2:
Abdul Jabbar (JP), Nityananda Sarkar (JSD), Mostafa Shamsuzzman (IAB), Habibur Rahman (JP), Abdul Khaleque Mandal (Jamaat);
Satkhira 3:
AFM Ruhul Huq (AL), Abul Khair M Ruhul Amin (IAB), AM Riasat Ali Biswas (Jamaat);
Satkhira 4:
HM Golam Reza (JP), Khagendranath Ghosh (BSD), GM Nazrul Islam (Jamaat), Tarun Kumar Karmakar (BDB), Abdul Hye (BNAP), Sheikh Hasan Ali (ZP).

Rajshahi Division:

Panchagarh 1:
Mazharul Huq Pradhan (AL), Jamiruddin Sircar (BNP), Mohammad Shahjahan (Islami Andolan Bangladesh), Mohammad Delwar Hossain (PDP), Shafiur Rahman (CPB);
Panchagarh 2:
Nurul Islam Sujon (AL), Md Mojahar Hossain (BNP), Mohammad Ashraful Alam (CPB), Sona Mia (BTF).
Thakurgaon 1:
Ramesh Chandra Sen (AL), Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir (BNP), Md Abdul Majid (IAB);
Thakurgaon 2:
Mohammad Dabirul Islam (AL), Abdul Hakim (Jamaat), Shirin Aktar Bani (Ind);
Thakurgaon 3:
Zahidur Rahman Zahid (BNP), Hafiz Uddin Ahmed (JP), Mirza M Habibullah (BDB), Abul Hasan Kasemi (IAB), Mansur Alam (CPB), Shahidullah Shahid (WP).
Dinajpur 1:
Manoranjan Sheel Gopal (AL), Mohammad Hanif (Jamaat), Jamal Uddin (IAB), Altaf Hossain (CPB);
Dinajpur 2:
Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury (AL), retired lieutenant general Mahbubur Rahman (BNP), Jalal Uddin Ahmed (Ind);
Dinajpur 3:
Iqbalur Rahim (AL), Shafiul Alam Pradhan (Jagpa-BNP), AKM Lafizzudin Chowhdury (IAB), Ashraful Islam (BDB);
Dinajpur 4:
AH Mahmud Ali (AL), Akhtaruzzaman (BNP), Asafuddowla (BSD), Mizanur Rahman Manu (Ind), Hafizur Rahman Sarkar (Ind);
Dinajpur 5:
Mostafizur Rahmen Fizar (AL), AZM Rezwanil Huq (BNP), Mostafizur Rahman (IAB);
Dinajpur 6:
Abu Hanif Sarkar (AL) Mohammad Anwarul Islam (Jamaat), Kazi Lutfur Rahman Chowdhury (NAP), Delwar Hossain JP.
Nilphamari 1:
Rafiqul Islam (BNP), Jafar Iqbal Siddiqui (JP), Shafiqul Gani Swapan (NAP), Abdul Jalail, Abdur Rouf (GF), Ashrafuzzaman Laku (BSD), Rawshan ALI (JSD), M Zakaria (NAP), Syed Iyas Ahmed (BKSJL);
Nilphamari 2:
Asaduzzaman Noor (AL), Moniruzzman Montu (Jamaat), Mohammad Ali Pramanik (IAB);
Nilphamari 3:
Kazi Faruq Kader (JP), Azizul Islam (Jamaat), Mohammad Abdul Monayem (IAB);
Nilphamari 4:
Amzad Hossain Sarker (BNP), retired colonel Maruf Saklain (AL), Mansura Rahman Jahangir Mohiuddin (NAP), Sadar Uddin (IAB) Shawkot Chowdhury (JP).
Lalmonirhat 1:
Motahar Hossain (AL), Habibur Rahman (Jamaat), Abdul Hakim Talukder (BKSJL), Zainul Abedin Sarkar (Ind), Md Nuruzzman (ZP), Moqbul Hossian (BDB);
Lalmonirhat 2:
Nuruzzaman Ahmed (AL), Saleh Uddin Ahmed Khan (BNP), Ibrahim Hossain Khan (IAB), Mojibur Rahman (JP);
Lalmonirhat 3:
Asadul Habib Dulu (BNP), Zafar Iqbal Siddique (JP), GM Quader (JP), M Abdullah (IAB).
Rangpur 1:
Asif Sharier (JP), Muhammad Abdul Gani (Jamaat), Anisur Rahman (BDB), Anwarul Islam (Ind), Abdul Quayum (PDP), Khairul Islam (IAB), Saifuddin Ahmed (Ganatantri Party);
Rangpur 2:
Anisul Islam Mandol (JP), ATM Azharul Islam (Jamaat), Ripon Sarkar (IAB), Mohammad Ali Sarkar (Ind);
Rangpur 3:
Abdul Kuddus (JSD), ATM Golam Mostafa (IAB), HM Ershad (JP), Abdul Quayum Mandal (BNP), Sayed Ali (BKSJL), Sekandar Rahman Dudu (JSD), Shahadat Hossain (CPB);
Rangpur 4:
Tipu Munshi (AL), Abdul Quaiyum (PDP), Karim Uddin Bharasa (JP), Md Rahim Uddin Bharasha (BNP), Badiuzzman (IAB), Shah ALam (Ind);
Rangpur 5:
HN Ashikur Rhaman (AL), SM Fakruzzaman (JP), Abdul Gani (IAB), Mominul Islam (JSD), Rafiqul Islam Sarkar (PDP), Shah Mohammad Hafizur Rahman (Jamaat),
Rangpur 6:
Sheikh Hasina (AL), Nur Mohammad Mondol (BNP), Kamruzzman (CPB), Shahjahan Ali (IAB), Humayun Ijaj Levin (GF).
Kurigram 1:
AKM Mostafizur Rahman (JP), Kazi Latiful Kabir (BKSJL), Golam Mostafa Ansari (IAB), Saidur Rahman Rana (BNP);
Kurigram 2:
Zahedul Huq Milu (BSD), Bhudev Chakrabarti (BDB), HM Ershad (JP), Tajul Islam Chowdhury (BNP), Mustafizur Rahaman (IAB), Sultan Ahmed (LDP); Kurigram 3:
Maidul Islam (JP), Matiur Rahman (BNP), ATM Zahirul Islam (JP) Tasvirul Islam (Ind), M Ali Sarkar (BKP), Rezaul Karim (IAB), Sarkar M Ali (Ind), Sayeed Akhtar Amin (BSD), Habibul Huq Sarkar (Ind);
Kurigram 4:
Abul Kalam Azar (IAB), Iman Ali (Ind), Golam Habib Dulal (JP), Nur Alam Mukul (Jamaat), Zahir Hossain (AL), Mohiuddin Ahmed (JSD), Lutfar Rahman (JP), Rukunuddowla (Ind).
Gaibandha 1:
retired colonel Abdul Quader Khan (JP), Abdul Aziz (Jamaat), Biren Shil (BSD), Abdul Majid (BKSJL),
Gaibandha 2:
AKM Bin Kashem Chowdhury (BKA), Khandaker Manzurul Karim (JSD), Manzurul Alam Mithu (BSD), Mahbub Ara Guinea (AL), retired commodore Shafiqur Rahman (BNP);
Gaibandha 3:
TIM Fazley Rabbi Chowdhury (JP), Nazrul Islam (Jamaat), Yunus Ali (Ind), Khalilur Rahman (BKA);
Gaibandha 4:
Abu Taleb Mandal (LDP), Mujibur Rahman (BKP), Monwar Hossain CHowhdury (AL), Mohammad Ali Mahbub Talukder, Shamim Kaiser (Ind), Abdur Rahim Sarkar (Jamaat);
Gaibandha 5:
Azharul Islam (BKP), Nawshaduzzman (BSD), Fazle Rabbi Mia (AL), Sharifuddn Kajal (BDB), Rawshan Ershad (JP), Hasan Ali (BNP).
Jaipurhat 1:
A AZiz Molla (Ind), Shamsul Alam Dudu (AL), Dewar M Zahurul Islam (IAB), Dewan M Badiuzzaman (CPB), Wachhed Parvez (BSD), Mozahar Ali Pradhan (BNP);
Jaipurhat 2:
Abu Sayed Al Mahmud Swapan (AL), Golam Mostafa (BNP), Shahjaman Talukder (BSD).
Bogra 1:
Abdul Mannan (AL), Mohammad Shokrana (BNP), Shahidullah Taher (PDP); Bogra 2:
Anisur Rahman (BDB), Shariful Islam Jinnah (JP), AKM Hafizur Rahman (BNP);
Bogra 3:
Ansar Ali Mridha (Ind), Abdul Mamin Talukdar (BNP), Golam Mawla (AL); Bogra 4:
Rezaul Karim Tansen (JSD), ZIM Mostafa Ali (BNP), Mamdudur Rahman Chowdhury (LDP), Abdul Huq Azad (IAB);
Bogra 5:
SM Ferdaus Alam (JSD), Mahbub Ali (BDB), Moqbul Hossian (IAB), Ranjan Kumar Dey (BSD), Habibur Rahman (AL), Jane Alam Khoka (BNP);
Bogra 6:
Mamunur Rashid (IAB), Abduallah al Waki (BDB), Mamtaj Uddin (AL), Khaleda Zia (BNP), Saifuzzaman (BSD);
Bogra 7:
Altaf Ali (JP), Khaleda Zia (BNP), Mesbahul Alam (BDB), Shamsul Alam Dulu (BSD).
Chapainawabganj 1:
Golam Rabbani (GF), retired brigadier general Enamul Huq (AL), Md Shahjahan Mia (BNP);
Chapainawabganj 2:
Ziaur Rahman (AL), M Aminul Islam (BNP), Ferdaus Alam (BKP), Sadekul Islam (CPB);
Chapainawabganj 3:
Abdul Wadud Bishwas (AL), Md Sadruzzman (BKP), Harunar Rashid Harun (BNP), Latifur Rahman (Jamaat).
Naogaon 1:
Abdul HJannan (BDB), Mostafizur Rahman (IAB), Sadhan Majumder (AL), Md Salek Chowdhury (BNP);
Naogaon 2:
Abdur Rauf Mannan (BDB), Shahiduzzaman Sarker (AL), Shamsuzzoha Khan (BNP);
Naogaon 3:
Akram Hossain Chowdhury (AL), Akhtar Hamid Siddiqui (BNP), Zainal ABedin Mukul (BNP), Sultan Mamunur Rashid (BDB);
Naogaon 4:
SM Abdul Latif (AL), Shamsul Alam Pramanik (BNP), Rawnak Jahan (CPB), Imajuddin Pramanik (Ind), Abdus Salam Mandal (BDB);
Naogaon 5:
SM Habibur Rahman (BDB), Abdul Jalil (AL), retired lieutenant colonel Abdul Latif Khan (BNP),
Naogaon 6:
Israfil Alam (AL), Anwar Hossain Bulu (BNP).
Rajshahi 1:
Omar Faruq Chowdhury (AL), Enamul Haque (BNP), Salahuddin Biswash (BKP);
Rajshahi 2:
Aktaruzzman Bablu (BDB), Fazley Hossain Badsha (WP), Enamul Huq (CPB), Mizanur Rahman Minu (BNP), Syed Mahmud Iliyas (IAB);
Rajshahi 3:
Abdul Hye (PDP), Meraj Uddin Molla (AL), Kabir Hossain (BNP), Ataur Rahman (Jamaat);
Rajshahi 4: Bold
Enamul Huque (AL), Jannatul Islam Jinna (NPP), Abdul Gafur (BNP), Atiqur Rahman (BSD), Mohsin Pramanik (CPB), Sardar Amjad Hossain (Ind);
Rajshahi 5:
SM Shafiul Azam (LDP), Abul Kalam Azad (CPB), Abdul Wadud (AL), Nazrul Islam Mandal (BNP), Moktar Hossain (BTF), Shakat Hossain Khan (NPP);
Rajshahi 6:
Maskawath Ahsan (BDB), Shahriar Alam (AL), Azizur Rahman (BNP), Nurul Islam (JSD).
Natore 1:
MA Talha (JP), Fazlur Rahman Patal (BNP), Parvez Karim (PDP), Mozammel Hossain (IAB), Birendranath Saha (Samyabadi Dal);
Natore 2:
Azizur Rahman Khan Chowhdury (IAB), Abdus Salalm (PDP), Ahad Ali Sarker (AL), Sabina Yasmin Chhabi (Ruhul Quddus Talukdar’s wife, BNP) Shahidul Islam (ZP);
Natore 3:
Zuaid Ahmed Pallab (AL), Tamijuddin Ahmed (GF), Azizur Rahman (IAB) Mostafizur Rahman (BDB);
Natore 4:
AM Amirul Huq (PDP), Bimal Kumar (ZP), Abdul Latif Mia (IAB), Abdul Quddus (AL), Munzur Alam (ONA), Mozammel Haque (BNP), Shahidul Islam Munshi (BKSJL), Ramnath Mehta (CPB).
Sirajganj 1:
Tanvir Shakil Joy (AL), M Abdul Majid Minu (BNP), Abdul Baqi (CPB);
Sirajganj 2:
MA Matin (BJP), Abu Bakar Bhuiyan (BSD), Abdul Aziz Talukder (JSD), Aminul Islam (JP), Ismail Hossain (CPB), Ziaul Huq (IAB), Masudur Rahman alias Mohn Raihan (Ind), Jannat ara Henry (AL), Manzur Alam (ONA), Romana Mahmud (Iqbal Hasan Mahmud Tuku’s wife, BNP);
Sirajganj 3:
Ishak Hossain Talukder (AL), Md Abdul Mannan Talukdar (BNP), Mostafa S Kamal (JSD), Asaduzzaman (ZP);
Sirajganj 4:
Abu Ishaq (JSD), Shafiqul Islam (AL), M Akbar Ali (BNP), Rafiqul Islam Khan (Jamaat);
Sirajganj 5:
Abdul Latif Biswas (AL), Mohsin Ali Talukder (BKSJL), Abdul Mannan (IAB);
Sirajganj 6:
Abdur Rouf (BDB), Chayon Islam (AL), Anwar Hossian (BSD) Quamruddin Yahya Khan Majlish (BNP).
Pabna 1:
Abdul Matin (IAB), Rezaul Karim (NPP) Shamsul Huque Tuku (AL), Matiur Rahman Nizami (Jamaat);
Pabna 2:
AK Khandaker (AL), AKM Selim Reza Habib (BNP);
Pabna 3:
Mir Nadim Dablu (BJP), Asaduzzaman (ZP), Khairul Alam (GP), Makbul Hossain (AL), retired group captain Saiful Azam (BNP);
Pabna 4:
Abdul Jalil (IAB), Ataul Hasan (BKSJL), Soleman Pramanik (NPP), Shamsur Rahman Sharif Dilu (AL), Sirajul Islam Sardar (BNP);
Pabna 5:
Arif Billah (IAB), Golam Faruque Prince (AL), Maulana Abdus Subhan (Jamaat).

Barisal Division:

Barguna 1:
Rashidul Hasan Khan (Ind), Dhirendra Chandra Devnath (AL), Ferdaus Ahmed (BSD), Matiur Rahman Talukder (BNP), Kamruzzman Khaleque (ZP), Delwar Hossain (Ind), Mosharraf Hossain (IAB), Shah M Abul Kalam (BTF);
Barguna 2:
Golam Sabur Tulu (AL), Khandaker Mahbub Hossain (BNP), Sultan Ahmed (Jamaat), Abdur Rahman (BDB), Syed Eshaque M Abul Khair (IAB).
Patuakhali 1:
Abdur Rahman (IAB), Altaf Hossain Chowdhury (BNP), Zahirul Alam (BSD), M Mutawakkil Billah (BTF), Abdul Hye (ZP), Shahjahan Mia (AL);
Patuakhali 2:
ASM Firoz (AL), Abu Zafar Ahmadullah (IAB), ASM Feroz Alam (Ind), AHM Faruk Hossain Talukdar (BNP), M Rafiqul Islam (BTF);
Patuakhali 3:
Golam Mowla (AL), Abu Bakr Siddque (IAB), Shahjahan Khan (BNP), Shah Alam Bhuiyan (GF);
Patuakhali 4:
Mahbubur Rahman Talukder (AL), ABM Mosharraf Hossain (BNP), M Hedayetullah (IAB).
Bhola 1:
Yusuf Hosain Humayun (AL), Andaleeve Rahman (BJP), Abu Azam Khan (BDB), Krishak M Sadeque (Gana Front), Tapan Kumar Chakrabariti (Ind), Anisul Huq (IAB);
Bhola 2:
Tofail Ahmed (AL), Krishak M Sadeque (Gana Front), Ashiqur Rahman (BJP), Abu Zafar Kasemi (BKA), M Yusuf (IAB);
Bhola 3:
AKM Nazrul Islam Mia (JP), retired major Jasim Uddin (AL), retried major Hafiz Uddin Ahmed (BNP), Nurul Islam (IAB);
Bhola 4:
Abdullah Al Islam Jacob (AL), Nazimuddin Alam (BNP), M Sirajul Islam (BDB).
Barisal 1:
Ashok Kumar Gupta (Ind), Golam Mahmud (IAB), Talukder Mohammad Yunus (AL), Jahiruddin Swapan (Ind), Sunil Gupta (JP), Shubhashish Samaddar (BKP);
Barisal 2:
Abdul Huq (BKP), Nur M Howladar (ZP), Albert Barai (Ind), M Manirul Islam (AL), Ranjit Kumar Barai (Ind), Sardar Sharfuddin Ahmed Shantu (BNP), Saima Jalil (BDB), Syed Shahidul Huq Jamal (Ind);
Barisal 3:
retried colonel Ishaq Sikder (Ind), Golam Kibria Tipu (JP), Zainal Abedin (Ind), Nur M Howleder (ZP), Master Ansaruddin (BKA), Afzalul Karim (AL), Rshed Khan Menon (WP), Selima Rahman (BNP);
Barisal 4:
Abdus Sattar Sikder (BKSJL) M Fazlul Huq (GF), Maidul Islam (AL), Mezbah Uddin Ahmed (BNP), Syed M Mosaddeq Billah (IAB);
Barisal 5:
Abdus Sattar (WP), ABM Masud Karim (NPP), Jahid Faruque Shamim (AL), Mazibar Rahman Sarwar (BNP), Mahbubuddin Ahmed (Ind), Mizanur Rahman Bachchu (ZP), Syed M Faizul Karim (IAB);
Barisal 6:
Abdur Rashid Khan (BDB), AHM Saiful Islam Saifee (BTF), ABM Ruhul Amin Howlader (JP), Abul Hossain Khan (BNP), Rafiqul Islam (IAB), Humayun Kabir Molla (Ind).
Jhalakati 1:
AKM Rezaul Karim (Ind), M Manzur Alam (JP), BH Haroon (AL), M Mainul Islam (IAB), Mahe Alam (Ind), Rubel Howledar (JP), M Abul Kasem (BDB), Rafiqul Islam Jamal (BNP);
Jhalakati 2:
Amir Hosain Amu (AL), Israt Sultana Elen Bhutto (BNP), M Fakhul Islam (IAB).
Pirojpur 1:
AKMA Awal (AL), Tapan Kumar Mitra (AL), Mostofa Jamal Haider (JP), Delwar Hossain Sayedee (Jamaat), M Abu Syeed (ONA), M Nazrul Islam (JP), Shamsul Jalal Chowdhury (BDB), Syed Shahidul Huq Jamal (Ind);
Pirojpur 2:
MA Rajjak (JP), M Abul Kalam Azad (IAB), M Shah Alam (AL), Syed Shahidul Huq Jamal (Ind), Nurul Islam Monju (BNP);
Pirojpur 3:
Syed Anwar Hossain (AL), M Rustam Ali Farazi (Ind), M Shafi Mahmud Talukder (IAB), retired colonel Shahjahan Mia (BNP).

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