Thursday, December 11, 2008

Re: Who did attack in India????????

Dear All,

From the comment of Mr. Asghar and Mr. Mirza, it appears to me (forgive me if I am wrong) both probably did not read Sura Tauba. Probably like all other blind followers of religion, just listening to the peaceful mullahs who focus extremely on the meaning of islam as "Peace" not as "fanaticism". The other meaning of islam is "Surrender". The fanatics and terrorists value too much on the meaning of islam as "surrender" as opposed to "peace". Those who see islam as the "surrender" do never value peace. They ask all muslims to surrender to Allah and by hook or by crook whatever way possible, trying to convert the world to islam. In the earlier eras of islam, the arabs would give three days of ultimatum to their non-muslim enemies, to either conver in islam and surrender fully to Allah or face death, slavery, and gonimat. Later in non-arab world of islam, specifically in Indian subcontinent and to the east of it, the sufis started spreading peace in islam. The wonder of this peace attarcted our forefathers to convert into islam. So, islam is a mix of "peace" and "terror". What we need to do is to delete the terror part, and accept the peace part. Whoever opts to remain in faith and adore the peace part can be muslim with faith. Others who do not want to carry faith but want to remain peaceful and muslim may stay that way. It should be personal choice. Whatever be the status of the peaceful muslims must educate the others for peace and to be away from fanaticism and terrorism. Its our duty, not of any mullahs; beacuse they usually have no knowledge and orientation to the wonderful peace part of islam. Anyone born with muslim parents will always be identified as muslims, no matter what the person's orientation is. It is like a fox can never be able to convert to a tiger. The society has put a seal on the back as muslim. Its not gonna go washed off. So, why try even (like Mr. SKM). Rather try to accommodate all sorts of thoughts, acts and obseravtions that will lead us towards the societal peace and further more for absolute harmony.


Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2008 20:34:07 -0500
Subject: Re: [] Re: Who did attack in India????????

I ditto 100% to all the perspective of his (Mr. Asghar) comment below. Muslims can never do any terrorism. All they do are jihad in order to establish Islamic peace! People actually call it Islamic terrorism erroneously!


On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 12:48 PM, <> wrote:
[It seems Dr. M. Mohsin Ali himself a terrorist, and not a Muslim. Otherwise how did he make sure that the Muslims are responsible for most of the terrorist activities in the world? He should be brought to justice to know the fact.]

Comment: The terrorist activities carried out in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and other countries of the world were the activities of the non-Muslims to malign the Muslims. They are bastards and they deserve severe punishment for their heinous acts.

Muslims are peace-loving people, as they follow a religion that teaches them to love all the followers of other religions. The Quran does not teach violence and those verses that appear to teach violence are actually mistranslations of the crooked people!

Dr. Mohsin has not read the Quran, nor does he really know the Muslims. I forgive him for his ignorance!

Mohammad Asghar

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