Monday, September 8, 2008

Rab Website Hacking: 4 IT Students Held as Suspected Hackers | Bangladesh ICT News

Rab Website Hacking: 4 IT Students Held as Suspected Hackers

The Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) arrested four students of a private
technology institute in the city's Mirpur in connection with hacking
its website after around 24 hours of the incident on Friday.

The youths, who are all fourth semester students of computer science
at SAIC Institute and Technology Management, said they hacked the
website of the elite crime-busting force for adventure.

The arrestees are Abu Musa Mirza Kamruzzaman Shahee, son of sub-
inspector of police Mubashwer Ali Mirza of Chicksha village under
Fenchuganj upazila in Sunamganj, Syed Mohammad Istiaq, son of Syed
Nowsher Ali of Ranabijoypur village of K Ali Dargah in Bagerhat,
Mohammad Zayedul Hossain, son of Zakir Hossain of Prindertek under
Palash upazila in Narsingdi, and Mohammad Taohidul Islam, son of
Rafiqul Islam of Purba Kaleswar village under Joydevpur upazila in

They are classmates and live in a flat at Mirpur Section-1.

At a press briefing at the Rab headquarters yesterday, Rab Director
General (DG) Hassan Mahmood Khandkar said although the hackers had
boasted greater expertise than the Rab officials, actually they are
not that good because the Rab officials took only 24 hours to detect
and arrest them.

He termed the bid to hack the Rab website an "irresponsible"
and "regrettable" work.

Talking to The Daily Star, Shahee claimed that he alone hacked the
Rab website for adventure and that his three classmates are innocent.

Asked why he used his real identity, his own computer and the
Internet Protocol (IP) address while hacking the Rab website, Shahee
could not give a satisfactory answer.

Replying to a question, he said he had hacked several websites
earlier, including that of Bangladesh Army.

Rab Director for information technology Commander Moinul Huq also
said the hackers had hacked at least 22 websites, including those of
two important government agencies.

"In most cases, these agencies or institutions did not disclose the
incident of their websites having been hacked considering their
image," Moinul said.

"Website hacking is a new type of crime in the country although
these youths did it to boast their worth," he added.

Talking to The Daily Star, Rab's Additional DG Col Gulzar Uddin
Ahmed said, "Crimes in the information technology sector are still
in the initial stage but the trend is growing."

He said, "If hackers are involved in the banking sector, it might
take a dangerous turn...We will interrogate the arrested persons to
know if they have done any financial crimes."


Nadia said...

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